Traverse City Record-Eagle

October 4, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 10/04/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — Keep Open Space open

The article about keeping the Open Space unobstructed makes so much sense. There are a variety of other places to have entertainment.

For a small city such as Traverse City we need to preserve the beautiful view of Lake Michigan (the bay). It’s unique, let’s keep it so it is.

Patricia A. Parr

Traverse City

Where’s common good?

Isn’t it amazing the Republican members of the United States Senate and House of Representatives would rather shut down government than extend health care coverage to those too poor to afford medical insurance?

I thought the United States considered itself a Christian country. Isn’t one of the major principles of Christianity that those of us better off have a moral obligation to help those less fortunate than ourselves? Have Sen. Ted Cruz, Speaker John Boehner and Reps. Eric Cantor and Dan Benishek (a physician sworn to heal, no less) forgotten that principal, or are they more interested in putting their personal political interests ahead of the common good?

Economists regard the threat of a government shutdown an extremely serious threat to the fragility of the recovering economy. Warren Buffet, regarded as a financial genius, called the threat of a shutdown “a damn dumb idea.” Ah, but Sen. Ted Cruz must be much smarter than Mr. Buffet.

Osama bin Laden thought that making a jihad on America would ultimately ruin our economy. Thankfully, he failed. How ironic that the Senate and House Republicans may accomplish what bin Laden could not.

Jim Sisk

Traverse City

Noise is too much

Though Lou Colombo is not a Traverse City resident, I commend his efforts to bring/keep a little peace and quiet to the city and its environs. Even before we moved to this area in 1981 our daughter, who lived on State Street at the time, told us of her friends’ and acquaintances’ work to have an open (public) space and to have it actually named the Open Space.

Though living in Greilickville next door to the Pathfinder School, my husband and I have often enjoyed walks in and around the city, especially by the bay. However, noise travels over water and despite being about three miles from the Open Space, it’s too much when you can even hear an announcer this far away (the Cherry Festival sound has been muted and the Film Festival never seems much of a problem). We used to live on our sailboat at the Jefferson Beach Marina on Lake Huron surrounded by hundreds of boats, mostly power boaters who often partied but were considerate with less noise than we’ve heard some summers.

Lois F. Golightly

Traverse City