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September 27, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 09/27/2013

Join ‘activist crowd?’

Concerning the pro-fracking letter from John Simaz, I do not consider myself to fit the “ban everything crowd” or the “activist crowd” so his comments might not be directed at me; however, I am opposed to fracking.

The irretrievable loss of fresh water to generate gas is not a good trade for future generations. Further I will not agree that deals the energy companies make with the state to keep secret their chemical usage is the way we should do business.

Hopefully, the public will resist the lure of short-term cheap gas with a long-term price tag and invest in new, less wasteful energy.

We might even have to join an “activist crowd” to protect the fresh water of Antrim, Charlevoix, Grand Traverse, Leelanau and all Michigan counties from those who do not value it sufficiently.

John King

Central Lake

Go down with a fight

A Sept. 16 Record-Eagle article discusses options for dismissing Welcome, a ship owned by the Maritime Heritage Alliance. The organization provides many wonderful contributions to our community, from preserving Great Lakes sailing history to the SAIL Champion program, where local at-risk youth learn how to sail while taking part in active therapy.

Though I am not a diver, I feel the MHA decision to scuttle Welcome in order to create a new dive site is yet another fantastic gift to the region. However, it is important to honor the ship with a send-off more grandiose than simply dispatching it to the bottom of West Grand Traverse Bay with the swift and efficient use of a sharp ax.

Considering the armed history of the original Welcome, it would only be appropriate that the vessel go down with a fight. Any sight short of a Hollywood-grade explosion would be less than worthy of the beginnings of our nation. In fact, it may prove beneficial to contact someone in the film industry. Perhaps Welcome’s next step in life could be documented by way of the next Pirates of the Caribbean installment?

Andrew Hyde

Traverse City

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