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May 6, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 05/06/2012

Did you expect honesty?

Regarding the abysmal performance of Grand Traverse County Road Commission Manager Mary Gillis, the commissioners have anonymously rated her performance.

The reason behind the anonymity, presumably, is to get some level of honesty.

So, Mr. Maitland gave her a perfect score of all fours, "to counteract what he expected from the other three."

What did you expect them to do, Mr. Maitland, be honest? By your own admission, she deserved only "3s" so since you gave her all "4s" I guess we can't expect honesty from you.

At least we can count on McKellar, Taylor, and Brown for that. Why don't you just give her $50k half-year salary and say goodbye?

Maybe her replacement will be able to salt/sand the roads during an ice storm and train someone to fill potholes.

Chuck Bowman

Traverse City

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