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April 27, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 04/27/2012

Collective goodness

Something is very wrong with this whole presidential election process. I am speaking from a neutral position politically. Please do not stop reading this admonition because it appears on the surface to be the ranting of a liberal.

In actuality, I am almost equally disappointed in both the liberal and conservative agendas.

If Mitt Romney is the highest expectation that we can look forward to, then I fear something more sinister is afoot, and we are in great trouble as a country.

The need to come together as fellow citizens in a united spirit of outrage and righteous indignation at the garbage we are being fed as "news" has never been greater.

Every day we all meet and interact with lots of people.

Some of them are Republicans and some of them are Democrats.

All of them, however, are human beings living in this great country of America.

Together we represent a collective goodness that is the backbone of America.

Let us not allow political posturing to destroy our ability to live and work together.

We deserve better, as do those who follow us in years to come. Today's reality is tomorrow's heritage.

William E. Scott

Traverse City

Joy of fresh produce

I want to thank the Record-Eagle and Mrs. Vanthomme for the recent article about teaching children to cultivate farm-fresh vegetables and fruit.

Currently growing up with a horticulturist mother, I know the joy of snacking on fresh tomatoes and beans from our family garden.

In the spring, rows of small sprouts burst through our garden compost, and the summer-long adventure of tending our delicious crops begins.

The article caused me to appreciate the happiness and memories I experience from our garden and the outdoors.

I appreciate the Record-Eagle for publishing stories about family life as well as global news.

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