Traverse City Record-Eagle

March 27, 2013

They've done it again

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — Dedicated, talented

They have done it again! I appreciate Russ Larimore, the entire cast, ensemble, dancers, orchestra, for Traverse City West’s performance of “Beauty and the Beast.” I also appreciate all the parents who worked on the set, costumes and props.

We are so fortunate to have in our area such talented and dedicated people. They are the best.

Mary K. Parker

Traverse City

Enforce existing laws

With all the recent debate about gun control I wanted to add my two cents worth. It seems our opinions are only worth about that much to politicians. They prefer to listen to the political action committees and lobbyists instead. It pays more.

Here’s a fresh approach. Enforce existing laws and get tougher on criminals that use guns. Maybe 10 years in prison would serve as an effective deterrent. Maybe they would think twice before using a gun if a 10-year prison sentence was mandatory — prisons with no cable television.

Writing more laws that won’t be enforced anyway would be a waste of time. Stop treating guns like they do something wrong and get tough on the people who squeeze the trigger.

I hope that’s not too logical for lawmakers to grasp.

I don’t think guns fly off the rack and kill people. Criminals do that. Cars kill people every day, too, but they don’t ban cars. They get the bad drivers off the road. Getting tougher on gun-toting lawbreakers probably would show positive results and lessen the revolving door justice system we have now. Sure is worth a try.

David Forsgren


Not representation

Having written my U.S. Rep. Dan Benishek regarding the current fiscal mess in Washington, I was shocked by his form letter reply in which he laid the entire blame for the sequester on President Obama, stating that “My colleagues in the House remain committed to giving the American people the plan they deserve.”

This is what we “deserve?” How insulting, not only to my intelligence, but to the intellect of millions of Americans who see through the constant GOP attempts to smear this president to keep 90 percent of this country’s wealth in the hands of two percent of the people, and to lower the living standard of everyone else.

Benishek seems contemptuous of anyone not toeing the “bring down the government,” Tea Party line and dismisses with disdain all attempts at bipartisanship or debate. This is not representation; it’s paying back Karl Rove and the Koch brothers for the money they poured into his campaign.

Campaigning in his doctor costume, complete with stethoscope, he apparently forgot that the Hippocratic Oath includes the line, “I will remember that I remain a member of society, with special obligations to all my fellow human beings …”

What a waste for Northern Michigan.

Gary Powell

Traverse City