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March 23, 2013

Letters to the editor - 3/23/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — Dems pose as GOPs

A letter writer did considerable research concerning recent elections in Grand Traverse County, stating that “of the 69 local partisan races held, 53 contained no Democrat candidate.” Blame was directed toward the Democrat Party’s chairperson for failure to find and recruit enough Democrat candidates. This failure, he concludes, has resulted in unbalanced one-party Republican rule.

As a Republican, and first-time candidate for public office who ran in the last Republican primary, I may be able to shed some light on this matter.

First, party politics at the local level is minimal compared to state/federal politics. However, my experience indicates that “real” Republicans, at the local level, tend to be much more conservative when it comes to spending taxpayer money.

Also any candidate for public office is well aware that running as a Democrat in Grand Traverse County is political suicide. So what’s a good liberal Democrat to do? Simple, run for office as a Republican in the Republican primary as many do.

The writer needn’t be concerned with unbalanced one-party rule as many liberal Democrats hold public office in Grand Traverse passing themselves as Republicans to the electorate.

Gordie La Pointe



Which needs attention?

In regards to John McDonalds letter on March 3, where did this “33 gun related deaths per day” come from? Is that city, state, national, or just a guess? I looked up some info at Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, and interestingly enough, you are off by a few. In 2010 (current numbers are unavailable) there were 8,306 murders committed with firearms and 260 million gun owners. But that same year, 32,885 people died accidentally in car crashes with 239.8 million car owners (these cars are registered by the way).That’s almost four times higher. You tell me which one needs attention.

Dan Giddis Jr.

Lake Ann


These are unique times

I agree with my neighbor and friend John Alford about much of what he wrote in a March 8 letter (Inconvenient truth), However, his claim that we “should keep in mind that these are not unique times and events, we have been there before” is not what I see in the world today.

While it is true that there are natural cycles at work during all times, it is also true that many current cycles are happening more rapidly than we have seen before. Rapid ice cap loss at the poles, glacier loss at a rate not observed before, and some other like occurrences. What this means is it is unique.

Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere were near 280 parts per million in 1880. Today we are at or near 400 ppm and climbing more rapidly each decade. Four hundred ppm is the highest in the last 800,000 years and the rise starts near the time of the European Invasion of North America and the Industrial Revolution (1750-1800).

These are, indeed, unique times. Never before have seven billion people stressed this planet near unknown limits and had such an effect, in a short time, as now.

Frederick Ide