Traverse City Record-Eagle

February 16, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 02/16/2013


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Thanks Roe v. Wade

I am weary of the many "pro-life" letters you are publishing without reference to women's rights or how things used to be. I was a Presbyterian pastor in the 1960s and recall the desperate women who came to me with unwanted pregnancies, tempted to try self-abortions or go to the illegal "abortion clinics" in hotel rooms.

It was never a problem for women with money to pay several doctors for an "opinion" to "protect their health," which made abortion legal in most states before "Roe vs. Wade." But the women who really suffered and sometimes died were those who did not have enough money for a safe abortion. It was clearly discrimination against women in poverty.

The pro-life letters always mention the "50 million murdered babies" but never mention the millions of good women and mothers who are alive today, not murdered in back room abortion clinics.

Thank God for the Supreme Court that put aside religious and ethical theories that take away the rights of women over their own bodies, and gave women the opportunity to make their ethical decision in accord with those, religious or not, who believe that life begins at birth.

Ned Edwards


Columns are insightful

After reading the most insightful piece by Pat Buchanan in the Feb. 11 Record-Eagle I am compelled to write this letter of commendation to your editorial board for publishing Buchanan's column. Also, I encourage your subscribers to read this column "Is America in endless war?" in particular, and his column generally.

I have found his writing to be informed, insightful, timely and cogently presented. Though he has a Republican background, his choice of topics and his presentation of his views and analysis are largely bipartisan, in my judgement.

Hopefully, this piece is available via internet on your web site for those who may have missed reading it.

Paul L. Morris


Acme's future at stake

Heads up, residents of Acme Township. A very important survey is coming to you in the mail soon that will help shape Acme development for many generations to come. Acme is at a crossroad. Future development depends on your answers and comments to the questions in this survey as it pertains to the update of our township Master Plan. It basically asks for you to describe the kind of growth you want for Acme.

For instance, would you like a long corridor of commercial outlets as a gateway into Traverse City kind of growth? Or, would you prefer a rural village setting, mixing local business with residential, possibly along the new shoreline recently acquired by Acme?

Rachelle Babcock


Defense against tyranny

I have read so many letters to the editor stating that when the Second Amendment was ratified, only flintlock rifles and pistols were used and therefore, the Second Amendment doesn't apply to today's firearms.

When the first 10 amendments to the Constitution were ratified in 1791, flintlock pistols and rifles were the "finest hand-held firearms in the world."

The purpose of the Second Amendment is to ensure the citizens of the United States can defend themselves against tyranny.

Jim Hale