Traverse City Record-Eagle

January 19, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 01/19/2013


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Ban semi-automatics

When reading the Second Amendment I noticed that it says nothing about not having future regulations. In fact, we have some regulations now; no large calibers, 20mm and 50 caliber, also no fully automatic weapons.

I personally would like to see them do away with all semi-automatic pistols and rifles (for civilian use) as we don't need these for hunting or target shooting.

Also, any weapon that is made for the sole purpose of killing people is an assault weapon.

Leo Gabier

Traverse City

Focus on traffic flow

Traffic flows like water. When restricted, both find new routes to take. The recent Record-Eagle article about proposed changes to Front, Garfield, the Parkway and other routes should raise bright red flags.

Planners want more walkable, attractive corridors. Drivers want to get where they're going. If we lose lanes on our busiest streets, drivers will drive through neighborhoods in ever-increasing numbers. Safety for pedestrians will worsen, not improve.

We need to increase, not decrease, traffic capacity. Planning that takes public safety seriously will focus on flow, not visionary dreams.

Mike Riggins

Traverse City

Talk to each other

As a member of the Quality Deer Management Association, I read with great interest Mark Miezlo's well-written Jan. 12 Ag Forum commentary entitled, "Deer Damage is increasing." I would like Mr. Miezlo and your readers to know that QDM supporters share his concerns over agricultural damage done by excessive deer numbers, and hope that local orchard and vineyard owners would not come to view themselves as natural opponents of QDM.

Much can be gained by agriculture and sportsmen acting in concert to advocate for responsible natural resource management.

Toward that goal, let's clear up what I believe to be a significant misunderstanding. Increased crop damage is a result of excessive deer herd size, not a higher average age of bucks.

In fact, since a key tenet of QDM theory seeks to shift buck/doe ratios back toward natural norms, pursuit of increased doe permits is a goal both QDM supporters and orchard/vineyard owners are likely to share.

Lastly, QDM practitioners are among the most avid recreational planters of apple and other fruit-bearing trees. We have a lot to learn from the expert orchard growers in our community. Perhaps we should be talking to each more often.

Jerome F. Hartl

Traverse City

The gift of life

The fearsome flat-trackers of Traverse City Roller Derby have another victory to celebrate; they delivered the gift of life at their Jan. 11 blood drive outside Jimmy John's (which supported the drive) on East Front Street. During the coming weeks the blood they offered up will restore health to dozens in our area; in some cases, it'll restore life.

Speaking just for myself, TCRD's athletes are one reason I work drives as a Michigan Blood volunteer. I meet the finest people our community has to offer. Their commitment reinforces my own; surely, others at the drive felt the same. And the fruit of that commitment makes this a community people can be proud of.

Doug Welker

Traverse City