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January 13, 2013

Letters to the editor: 01/13/2013

Figures not believable

I read with interest Mr. Moore's column published in the Jan. 7 Record-Eagle, and for once agreed with some of his points.

Unfortunately his piece falls apart when he tries to quotes figures: 19,000 rapes a year in the military services? To paraphrase one of Mr. Moore's book title: Dude, where is the truth? If this number was right it would mean that 52 rapes are committed every day of the year in the military, just not believable.

On the CNN website the figure of 19,000 is used for rapes and sexual assaults, including such things as verbal assaults, brushing against, improper touching etc., not good things but hardly rape. The other figures quoted in the column are no more believable. In the signature paragraph at the bottom, "Fahrenheit 9/11" is listed as a documentary. If it is so then "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" must be a reality show.

Luc E. Serriere


Sad sign of times

We were more than disappointed to experience what Men's Night has become in our "family (sic) friendly" city. We assumed it was to promote shopping with downtown merchants. Instead, it was a "drinkfest" for the guys — very few bags were being carried around.

Adding insult to injury, a woman working with us was openly solicited.

Two merchants were promoting their own versions of an "open" burlesque show in their store windows for all to see. The Record-Eagle rewarded one of these retailers with a giant picture of their store on the front page. Appalling ... shame on the Record-Eagle.

Is this the image of what our once fine Traverse City has lowered itself to becoming — Tragic City? I want Traverse City to be a "better" city, not an open "burlesque" or drunken "beer-bash" city. For me, its a sad sign of the times in which we now live, and a blight on the once good name of Traverse City.

I may stand alone, but will stand for what is right and decent and be a voice of reason to make a difference for the good and future betterment of Traverse City.

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