Traverse City Record-Eagle

December 29, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 12/29/2012


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Let serious talk begin

In a flurry of legislation passed by the lame-duck Legislature, we have laws that now allow physicians to refuse to treat patients if it is against their moral sensibilities; we have the right to work for less laws; and in a stunning act of bad timing the lame ducks voted to allow guns to be carried in schools and churches.

Fortunately, Gov. Snyder refused to sign this last bad piece of legislation, although he hurried to sign others.

Gun laws need to be revisited and strengthened although, as the Record-Eagle reported, local law officials have lost their right to deny gun permits to citizens they know have had legal/emotional issues.

Let the serious talk, the serious changes to our gun culture, begin.

We cannot afford to lose more children, more teens, more loved ones to guns.

Lynn Larson

Traverse City

State will not forget

I have sent the following as an open letter to Gov. Snyder, Sen. Walker and Rep. Schmidt:


I am not and never have been part of a union.

But I know history. You and your legislative colleagues now find yourself on the wrong side of it.

You have just overturned decades of labor and management collaboration in growing the American middle class.

This entire legislative session has been disturbing but the last couple of weeks of action raises to an entirely new level.

You may use ideology to get elected, but once there you need to govern.

Ramrodding the legislation you have through this lame-duck session is anything but governing.

It will not be allowed to stand.

The working men and women of Michigan will not forget these disgraceful acts.


Tim Lambert

Traverse City