Traverse City Record-Eagle

December 21, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 12/21/2012


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Shouldn't be overlooked

Ninth graders, I am very disappointed to hear that this book ("The Glass Castle") is banned for its almost nonexistent and mild references to child molestation. This book is an amazing and very eye-opening memoir to poverty, ways of parenting and creative thinking. It does contain sexual acts or references, but does not focus on or give great detail as a main theme. Freshmen have already been exposed to these acts in pop culture such as crime dramas, teen mom, Jersey Shore and other novels.

Mrs. Campbell wants to have the option of choosing a more appropriate book, which seems fine, but it really doesn't protect most teenagers since they know about the acts depicted in the books. She may have also been shocked by how Walls' mother reacts by saying that these acts were normal, but in the memoir it doesn't propose that Walls' parents were perfect role models. This book has an amazing theme of struggle, and shouldn't be overlooked because of mild sexual acts.

Garrett Schaub


Absolute necessities

Recent elections were a diversion from the serious issues of our times. How could either party justify spending $2 billion for just one election when the needs of the country are so dire? Where are our priorities?

We have become an empire of illusion, but ignorance is destroying us. The really critical issues of our times are being buried or denied as we belittle scientific consensus on such things as climate change, resource depletion, ocean acidification, fresh water degradation and economic uncertainty.

Superstorm Sandy was our wake-up call.

Attempts to maintain the status quo rather than developing the knowledge, skills and resilience needed to respond to change are self-defeating.

Learning all we can about the climate changes already happening, planning regionally and locally for food and energy, developing community resourcefulness and cooperation are the keys to a more sustainable and just future.

Open and honest dialogue, and working together — these are absolute necessities. Our survival depends on it.

Ann Rogers

Traverse City