Traverse City Record-Eagle

July 22, 2012

Letters to the Editor: At Issue: Elections


---- — Steadfast integrity

As a retired police administrator I support the re-election of Thomas Bensley as sheriff of Grand Traverse County. Tom smoothly assumed command of a busy law enforcement agency and has run it effectively. He faced two difficult misconduct incidents within his agency, among the most demanding challenges facing any law enforcement administrator. He did so quietly, effectively and correctly. From my 30-plus years with the Michigan State Police, and as an International Police Training Officer I know him to be a man of few words, uncompromising integrity and committed to professionalism.

Jim Downer

Traverse City

Most qualified

The Aug. 7 primary will determine all elected offices in Peninsula Township because the only contested races are running under one party. The office of treasurer is a particularly important decision. Dave Sanger is clearly the most qualified candidate, offering a detailed plan for efficiency and cost savings. In these increasingly challenging economic times, we need the person with the most financial and business experience. Please review Dave's credentials at Please vote in the primary.

Dave Murphy

Traverse City

Steady hand at the helm

Just a quick note of encouragement to support Tom Bensley in his re-election for sheriff of Grand Traverse County. Tom has provided a steady hand at the helm and the shown the leadership required of being the chief law enforcement officer in our area. I believe he deserves our support in the coming election. I hope all voting citizens of our area join me in re-electing Tom Bensley for Grand Traverse County Sheriff.

Brian D. Spencer

Traverse City

Experience, knowledge

Bonnie Scheele has my vote for county clerk. I have known Bonnie since high school (32 years), and more recently, I worked with her in the county clerk's office for over a year. Bonnie is experienced, knowledgeable, ambitious, smart, kind, compassionate and very customer-service oriented. She will go the extra mile to help customers, within the law. Her election experience is second only to our current county clerk. I have never become involved in a political campaign before, but I am passionate about Bonnie's qualifications.

Please join me in voting for Bonnie's experience, knowledge and kindness. Scheele for county clerk.

Leanne Rubello Laucky

Traverse City

Person of integrity

I support Kirsten Keilitz for Grand Traverse County Probate Judge. I have known Kirsten for 15 years, both as a friend and as an attorney. She handled an estate for my in-laws — she was respectful, thorough and patient. In both her personal and professional life, she is a person of integrity and thoughtfulness. As a friend, I know I can count on her. These are the kinds of characteristics we want and need in a judge reviewing family, estate, guardianship and other probate matters. Vote for Kirsten on Aug. 7.

Ellen Kohler

Traverse City

Commitment kept

The Acme Township Board has maintained its commitment to our community in spite of all manners of attack, and our residents are better for it. They've smartly used state and donated funds for our acquisition of prime beach property for parkland — setting the stage for growth that will truly create a wonderful "place" that all of Acme can be proud of, especially benefiting our business community.

I support the re-election of Linda Wikle, Ron Hardin, Paul Scott and Erick Takayama — and the election of three new people who will support these same ideals: Dave Young, Chris Bassett and Virginia Tegel.

Paul Brink


Compassion for service

We have known Kirsten Keilitz for over 10 years, and she is an outstanding choice for Grand Traverse County's probate court judge. Kirsten's passion for community service will truly make a difference for those facing personal or family challenges. She is a person of high integrity and her tenure as 13th Circuit Court Domestic Relations Referee has well-prepared her for the duties as probate court judge. Her extensive courtroom experience will serve our county well, and as a Traverse City native, Kirsten understands the challenges our community faces. Please join us in voting for Kirsten Keilitz on Aug. 7.

Jeff and Jackie Anderson

Traverse City

Strong family values

I'm endorsing Monica Hoffman in her re-election bid for Peninsula Township Clerk in the August Primary. As an election inspector I have observed her professionalism up close. Complicated questions would arise involving the arcane procedures within our system and never was Monica without the answer, the correct answer.

Her grasp of all the rules, both the letter and the spirit, reflect her dedicated service to our community. Her longevity is "value added." As a member of a pioneering family she understands how unique our township is and will protect it with us. Her strong family values extend to us all.

Tim Carroll

Peninsula Township

Will care for land, water

As a former Grand Traverse County Road Commission Manager, past Deputy Drain Commissioner and current Soil Erosion Inspector, I have knowledge of the qualifications our Drain Commissioner must possess.

Dan Bauer as an experienced township supervisor (Mayfield) and farmer, knows how to work with people and care for the land and water. As Drain Commissioner he will maintain the nine county drains and two lake level special assessment districts. He will participate in County Parks and Department of Public Works meetings bringing common sense to these boards.

Past Deputy Drain Commissioner Pete Bruski and I recommend Dan for Drain Commissioner.

Michael Dillenbeck

Traverse City

Pete Bruski

Traverse City