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February 28, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 02/28/2013

Drones immoral

Drones are immoral and counterproductive. They terrorize communities. They create many more new enemies than they kill. It is disturbing how casually they dismiss the number of civilian casualties - including children. Is it possible that people in other countries value their children as much as we value ours?

Orpha Shinn


Promised just enough

In a Feb. 18 letter by John Billette headlined “Won’t change its stripes,” Mr. Billette states, “It should be fun to watch how the party of the rich and white does this. They don’t actually want these minority types in their tent, they just want their votes.”

Apparently Mr. Billette has failed to notice that the Democratic Party has been pandering to the African-American/Hispanic vote for some 30 years or more. The Democratic Party has promised the minority in this country much over the years, but of course just enough to keep them in line and place blame on the opposition for votes.

Mr. Billette assumes racism in the Republican Party where none exists. Why? Because the Democratic Party and the mainstream media told him this is. Most Republicans/conservatives I know care less about skin color and more about content of character, unlike Democrats who can’t or won’t look past skin color for fear of losing votes.

As I tell all my liberal friends, you teach a man to fish, he’ll eat for a life time, give a man a fish, he’ll vote Democrat.

Brian Havey


Nothing is impossible

In the late 1950s Detroit had a population of 1.8 million people and Wayne and Oakland counties were prime pheasant habitat, and more sportsmen hunted pheasant than white-tailed deer.

Today Detroit has a population of 700,000 and is broke. Since 2010 Michigan’s Departmetn of Natural Resources has a program called Michigan Pheasant Restoration Initiative. Presently Joe Biden is flying around the country telling people to buy a shotgun.

I would like to suggest that the DNR bulldoze two-thirds of Detroit and convert it back into pheasant habitat. This would solve most of Detroit’s money problems. The DNR program would be successful. Joe Biden would be happy that someone was finally listening to his advice.

I know all this sounds difficult to complete, but remember in 1957 the Detroit Lions won the NFL Championship, so nothing is impossible.

John McCombs

Traverse City

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