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November 14, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 11/14/2012

Those are the rules

The governor needs no prior education, training or experience to become governor ... why? What about yearly evaluations, ongoing educational training, proving growth and fiscal growth yearly and after two years of not producing he must be fired and stripped of his ability to ever earn a living again. Those are the rules I, a lowly public school teacher must live by ... but someone running our state has none. Why?

Diane Kimmel

Traverse City

We must apologize

Dear grandchildren:

We must apologize for the world we've left you. We're very sorry about the rising sea levels and all the flooding it causes, the droughts and extreme weather events, lack of fresh water, failing crops and resulting famine, loss of wildlife species — the immense and increasing cost in money and human life (trillions of dollars and 100 million lives by 2030:

The basic mechanism underlying global warming — increasing atmospheric CO2 as a result of human activity — had been identified already by the 1950s ( ("aip" = American Institute of Physics)), and the scientific evidence was quite clear by the end of the century.

Nevertheless we didn't want to believe it, because then something would have to be done and we might have to make sacrifices. A calamity of this scale would require government action and international cooperation. Plus we didn't want to spoil our view with a bunch of windmills. Instead we preferred to listen to (and vote for) the politicians who told us it was all a hoax, and nothing needed to be done.

So, we're sorry about your misery — at least we could enjoy our lives.

Barbara Abbott

Lake Leelanau

We don't forget

To the criminals who desecrated the graves at Oakwood Cemetery: You are cowards, and even among miscreants you have no honor. Violating the sanctity of the dead is the ultimate act of a bully, and like any other bully you feel safe from retribution — but you are wrong.

I honor the memory of the men and women buried at Oakwood, particularly the veterans dating back to the Mexican War, by taking my various history classes to view the graves and remember the individual sacrifices that Traverse City residents have made over the years. Your defilement of these men and women in this special garden of stone has defiled me, a veteran and kindred spirit of those that have gone before; you didn't bully helpless, long-forgotten souls as you may have assumed — you bullied every veteran — a very bad idea.

Our tremendous law enforcement personnel will find you and I relish the thought of your judgement, both in this world and the next, and regardless of your punishment in this world keep in mind the armies of veterans you will have to one day face in the next — we don't forget.

Michael W. Rutledge

Traverse City

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