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August 9, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 08/09/2012

Can't do this ... yet

Northwestern Michigan College's Forever Fit program, offering mat and ball pilates, weight strengthening and aerobic dance, has been a godsend for my wife and me. We have improved our posture, balance, flexibility, reflexes, stamina, along with strengthening our large and core muscles.

Improvement occurred by adding to our mantra "I can't do this" the word "yet". Competition is with yourself, not others. As an exercise is mastered the instructor modifies or adds it to another task requiring continued growth.

My wife and I encourage Traverse-area seniors to focus on their physical well being by entering the college program or fitness exercises through one of the several fitness centers available in Traverse City. Remember, improved balance, flexibility and strength can save harmful falls and broken bones.

Francis Long


Camera damages trust

On July 20 the Record Eagle published a story headlined: "Radar sign snaps photos of speeding drivers." The article should have been headlined: "Radar sign snaps photos of speeding cars."

The camera does not record who is driving the vehicle, only the license plate on said vehicle. The driver committed the violation, not the vehicle.

Good drivers, who perhaps weren't even driving the car, may see their insurance rates go up, getting moved into high risk categories, and receiving points on their driver's license.

The new model for government creates and enforces laws penalizing average citizens if, and only if, the government gets a piece of the action, such as with fireworks deregulation.

The obvious move to use these devices will generate considerable profit for Grand Traverse County and could cause officer layoffs.

Sheriff's Department Capt. Randy Fewless claims "There are no plans to use photos to issue tickets."

Drive by the corner of Park Drive and Premier Streets. Notice the new 15 mph taller sign with a flashing yellow light. Observe how much room below this sign there is for a camera.

Speeders kill people, but abusing the rule of law damages the public trust in our leaders.

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