Traverse City Record-Eagle

August 3, 2012

Letters to the Editor: At issue: elections


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Honest, reliable

In the upcoming Democratic primary election, I encourage voters in Grand Traverse County to look at Joseph Sloan for the State House of Representatives 104th District. I originally met Joseph working on Democratic campaigns when the 104th district included Kalkaska County. Additionally, over the last several years I have volunteered with him at the Traverse City Film Festival and the Traverse City Comedy Arts Festival and found him to be a reliable, honest and hard-working individual who would be an asset to Northern Michigan in Lansing.

Bryce Kennedy


Supports school funding

As a retired Traverse City Area Public Schools teacher and past president of the Traverse City Education Association, I urge you to support Joseph Sloan in the Aug. 7 Primary as the Democratic candidate for the 104th House seat. As the son of a teacher and a product of public schools himself, Joseph is a true supporter of public education and the rights of the middle class. He supports equal funding for our schools, eliminating the pension tax on retirees and guaranteeing our right to collective bargaining.

Join me by casting your vote for Joseph Sloan on Aug. 7.

John Scrudato

Traverse City

Has improved service

We have known David Weatherholt for many years, and he is the best candidate in the current race for Peninsula Township Treasurer. In the 12 years that he has been township treasurer, Mr. Weatherholt has improved the service provided by the treasurer's office, while cutting the number of office staff by half. He has turned down every opportunity to increase his salary as treasurer and has managed our finances in exemplary fashion. All of his ideas for improving township finances are already being implemented under his leadership. Let's continue to move forward with David Weatherholt.

Don and Mildred Shea

Traverse City

Follows through

I have known Glen Lile since childhood but lost touch until a few years ago. Being a resident of East Bay Township, I was aware of Glen's early involvement, first as a concerned citizen and later as a candidate for Supervisor. Glen learned the job from the bottom up, looking to improve all aspects of sound fiscal management, transparency, responsibility and follows through in all local issues.

Vote for an honest man, Glen Lile for East Bay Supervisor.

Val Stone

Traverse City

Will actually listen

It's time to put an end to incumbent Wayne Schmidt's rubber stamp politics. "We the People" of Grand Traverse County deserve better. Joseph Sloan is my choice to represent of the citizens of the 104th District. As a lifelong Democrat, Joseph will work to overhaul the school funding inadequacies that Lansing is reluctant to address. Joseph is a supporter of women's rights and creating jobs that pay a living wage.

Stop the runaway train in Lansing. Elect someone who will actually listen to your concerns and not patronize you or recite pre-rehearsed rhetoric. Vote on Aug. 7.

Deni Scrudato

Traverse City

Need to address issues

I am a registered voter in Green Lake Township in Grand Traverse County. I believe we are in need of a new sheriff who is competent, honest and dependable. This would mean to address issues with citizens who frequently break the law. Also, the animal control needs to be put back under the control of the Sheriff's Department.

Please vote Aug. 7 for Kevin Sandvig, Grand Traverse County Sheriff.

Elizabeth Acre


Will bring experience

We are fortunate to have four excellent candidates who wish to become Grand Traverse County's next Probate Judge. I am supporting Kirsten Keilitz because of the experience that she has gained not only as a practicing attorney in the Probate Court, but also as the Friend of the Court Referee who has presided over evidentiary hearings for the past two years. I encourage your vote for the practical and courtroom experience that Kirsten will bring to the Probate Court bench.

George F. Bearup

Traverse City

Experience to rely on

According to the Record-Eagle, sheriff candidate Kevin Sandvig has 10 years of experience working for the Sheriff's Department as a corrections officer. His website tells us that he spent 21 years in the Coast Guard as Finance and Supply Officer. Sheriff Tom Bensley has 30 years of experience in various positions within the Sheriff's Department and four successful years of experience as the sheriff. Whose experience working in law enforcement can we rely on when it comes to oversight of the road patrol officers, the marine and snowmobile officers, the detectives and the operational aspects of the department?

Bruce Mikula


Sensitive wisdom

On Tuesday, Aug. 7, it is important to vote for Kirsten Keilitz to the position of Probate Court Judge as she has displayed the sensitive wisdom so needed for the job. Mrs. Keilitz already rules from the bench, serving as a full-time 13th Circuit Court Domestic Relations Referee and Grand Traverse County Juvenile and Family Division Referee, while also filling in when needed for the Probate Court Judge. Her extensive volunteer work is steeped in issues concerning children and families, making her experience and dedication a most seamless and logical promotion.

Brad Purcell

Traverse City

Introduced technology

Peggy Haines has held the position of Register of Deeds for Grand Traverse County for the past 12 years. During this time she has been diligently working to provide the utmost in customer service. She has introduced the latest technology available to enhance a user-friendly system for her customers and staff. Her professionalism and vast knowledge of the subject matter is recognized throughout the business community. Peggy is a dedicated worker who makes serving her community a top priority.

Let Peggy continue to do the outstanding job she has in the past. Vote Peggy Haines Aug. 7.

Kim Schmerheim

Traverse City