Traverse City Record-Eagle

August 3, 2012

Letters to the Editor: At issue: elections


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Looking for solutions

Our congressman, Dr. Dan Benishek, understands the importance of small businesses to our economy.

He is visiting 100 businesses in 100 days ... going directly to the source, learning about the needs of northern Michigan businesses and how the federal government impacts them.

Sixty-five percent of jobs created over the last 17 years were produced by small businesses.

Dr. Benishek logically turns to those who produce jobs to determine the best way to strengthen them.

I support Dr. Benishek because he is looking for solutions to make the Michigan economy stronger resulting in more jobs for Michiganians.

Gail Torreano

Harbor Springs

Integrity, experience

As longtime residents of Leelanau County, our family has, on occasion, dealt with Mike Borkovich in his official law enforcement position.

It became quickly and clearly obvious, Mr. Borkovich has a large number of inherent personal qualities that will well serve residents of our county and his coworkers: integrity, experience and highly respectful.

David and Darlene Yeomans


Eliminated waste, fraud

As an owner of a company that works closely with other small businesses, I applaud Rep. Wayne Schmidt's efforts to reduce and reform burdensome regulations that impede job creation.

Rep. Schmidt has been endorsed by the Small Business Association of Michigan, the National Federation of Independent Businesses and the Michigan Chamber of Commerce.

As Chairman of the House Commerce Committee, Schmidt eliminated waste and fraud by leading reform of worker's compensation and unemployment insurance.

Please join me in re-electing Wayne Schmidt on Aug. 7.

Kate Greene

Traverse City

A crucial vote

I am supporting the election of Joseph Sloan, who is running in a contested race on the Democratic primary ballot.

This is such a crucial vote for Northern Michigan.

The winner will face the Republican nominee for the State 104th House District of Michigan, presently held by Wayne Schmidt.

Joseph is a mature, retired disability counselor for Michigan and has been an activist for many, many years.

Remember, you can't vote both parties in a primary election or your ballot will be invalidated.

I urge you to vote Aug 7.

Marge Forgione

Traverse City

It's that simple

Tom Bensley has been a good sheriff. He deserves to be re-elected. It's just that simple.

Jack Gillen

Traverse City

Smart, experienced

How do you want the judge who hears your case to be chosen? Nice name? The most signs? Membership in your club, church or organization?

I want a judge who is smart, knowledgeable, honest, dependable, and experienced in the matters the court deals with. I try to find opinions from those in a position to know. That's why my vote is going to Kirsten Keilitz.

Our judges selected her as family division referee, showing their respect for her talents.

Gene Tang

Traverse City

Years of experience

As the spouse of Daniel Bauer for 41 years I encourage Grand Traverse County voters to vote for Daniel Bauer as drain commissioner.

Dan has 12 years of experience in township government as a supervisor and zoning administrator.

He is a proven leader, strong decision maker, team player and dedicated to protecting our environment.

He was worked at Interlochen Center for the Arts for 32 years and operated a farm.

He is not interested in trying to reclaim the recently cut salary for this position.

For more information his web site is

Please vote for Daniel Bauer Aug. 7.

Dawn Bauer


Vote for competitors

In the August primary elections, Republican Mary Pitcher is running for one of two open trustee positions in Benzie's Lake Township.

In 2010, while a County Commissioner, she was pulled over for a traffic stop which involved marijuana on a friend and open alcohol.

In court she pleaded guilty to an open intoxicant charge.

In an earlier 2010 incident, the Cold Creek Inn was fined $1,000 for their bartender selling alcohol to Ms. Pitcher while already intoxicated. She was turned out of office that year.

Please vote for competing Republicans Richard Jones and Marshall Morris.

Douglas H. Green


Proven leadership

Mike Borkovich — a man to be respected and admired.

Has built successful relationships.

Officer of 32 years, authorized to enforce all state laws.

Extensive training in law enforcement. Instructor at police academy, Department of Natural Resources and Coast Guard.

Work ethic — always in pursuit of perfection. Fulfilled many leadership roles with small and large groups.

Recognized as "officer of the year" multiple times; recently received a lifetime achievement award for the USA and the first Michigander ever honored.

Proven leadership as demonstrated by accomplishments and professional recognition is why I fully endorse Mike Borkovich as our next Leelanau County Sheriff.

David Mathia

Traverse City