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August 2, 2012

Election Letters to the Editor: 08/02/2012


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I am supporting Beth Friend for East Bay Township Trustee and urge all East Bay Township residents to do the same. Beth has a proven record of exemplary public service. She is trustworthy, diligent, conscientious, and has the best interests of East Bay residents at heart. Beth is knowledgeable about issues concerning the Township and will help to make our community an even better place to live, work and play.

Please vote for Beth Friend on Aug. 7.

Deb Lannen

Traverse City

Has judicial experience

All of the Probate Judge candidates have legal and life experience.

Kirsten Keilitz is the only candidate with judicial experience.

Kirsten has made difficult decisions regarding placement of abused children, juvenile issues, personal protective orders, custody, support, parenting time, contempt of court, and many others. And she has done so in an informed, sensitive, considerate, and respectful manner.

The hard part of being a judge is making the difficult decisions in a timely manner and Kirsten has been making these decisions for three years.

Experience counts and Kirsten has it.

Please join me and vote for Kirsten Keilitz.

William C. Bowron

Traverse City

The writer is a former Grand Traverse County Probate Judge.

A key supporter

Undoubtedly, we are all familiar with the Pure Michigan campaign, which has been hugely successful in promoting, both domestically and abroad, the amazing state that we live in. With nearly a 3-1 return on the investment, Pure Michigan is good for everyone.

We are very lucky to have a representative in Lansing who understands the benefits of Pure Michigan for our area. Rep. Wayne Schmidt has been a key supporter of this program and, therefore, of the many job providers in Grand Traverse County.

Please join me in supporting Wayne Schmidt on Aug. 7th.

Keith J. Charters

Traverse City

Understands business

Over Rep. Wayne Schmidt's tenure in the state Legislature he has fought for small businesses through fairer, simpler taxation and less government red tape. Literally hundreds of business-impeding regulations have either been reformed or eliminated in the past 20, including the job-killing Michigan Business Tax. We are now seeing the benefits of these actions.

Having personally worked with him, I can say that Rep. Schmidt understands how business works and what it takes to get Michigan's economy back on track.

I urge you to support a business-minded candidate and vote for Wayne Schmidt on Aug. 7th.

Dennis Craig


Will represent interests

We need to send a representative to Lansing who will represent our interests. The candidate who can be counted on to be reasonable, dependable and unwavering in speaking for us is Joseph Sloan.

With Mr. Sloan there has never been any mystery as to where he stands or who he stands with. He is and always has been an open book. He cares deeply about our environment, respecting the will of the people and allowing our elected representatives to serve us.

Let's send someone to Lansing who represents us, not themselves and their career ambitions.

Julie Nelson

Traverse City

Informed and fair

Monica Hoffman has served as Peninsula Township clerk for 12 years. She has demonstrated remarkable leadership skills: overseeing all township elections (perfect audit every election); proficiency in governmental fund accounting (excellent township audit reviews); is one of only four Certified Municipal Clerks in Grand Traverse County.

Informed and fair, Monica is a valuable member of the Peninsula Township board. Her lifetime on the Peninsula and in-depth knowledge of Peninsula operations/ordinances and the issues/concerns of residents are real assets.

Enter the Peninsula Township offices; Monica is always there. Count on it.

Vote to re-elect Monica on Aug. 7.

Barbara Rowlett

Traverse City

Dedicated individual

There are many well-intentioned and capable people running for local positions here in our area and I have worked with one of them for many years. Craig Goodrich is running for a trustee position on the East Bay Township board. My first thought was, how fortunate for the people of East Bay. Craig is a dedicated, hard-working individual who has a knowledge of the area that few people possess. His bid for trustee is his way to give back to the area where he raised his family.

Please vote for Craig Goodrich for East Bay Township Trustee.

Shelley Boisvert

Elk Rapids

A balanced perspective

For a more efficient and cooperative Grand Traverse County Drain Commissioner I am endorsing Daniel Bauer for that position. With all the necessitated budget cuts and constraints on governmental agencies in today's economy, Daniel Bauer has pledged to work within these parameters to give our area a more efficient ordinance and standards application. A more balanced and timely perspective is what we the voters want and need in a Drain Commissioner. Daniel Bauer is that person.

For more info go to

Matthew Schoech

Traverse City

Deserves re-election

I resided in Peninsula Township for 17 years. During that time, Rob Manigold championed the farmland preservation millage. When Mike Dillenbeck and the Grand Traverse County Road Commission wanted to widen East Shore Road and destroy its natural beauty, Rob Manigold fought for township residents, negotiated an agreement and stopped them. Rob Manigold cut residential trash rates in half and reduced truck traffic, a win-win for residents. Rob Manigold's ability to balance development while preserving the character of Peninsula Township is why property values have risen there more than anywhere else in the county.

Rob Manigold truly deserves re-election.

Christine Maxbauer

Traverse City

The writer is a Grand Traverse County commissioner.

Proven responsibility

East Bay Township Supervisor Glen Lile stepped into office with a general fund balance of negative $49,000. Today the fund balance is a positive $1,400,000. He has led the charge in approving seven tax abatements leading to the creation of new jobs, close to 100. The infrastructure bond debt has been reduced by over $5,000,000 in seven years. East Bay Township, with a AAA bond rating, needs to continue to lead the way in proven fiscal responsibility for our citizens in Grand Traverse County.

Keep us on the straight path and vote Lile.

Julia Hoard

Traverse City

Public service?

The salaries of the road commission are set at $5,500 for each commissioner and $6,500 for its chairman. In addition the road commission pays for health care expenses of $4,300 annually, and a pension payment of $600 annually.

Commissioners are also paid $35 per "special meeting." The road commission reduced their meeting schedule from two per month to one meeting per month. Based on road commission minutes, the board met for 30 hours in 2011, resulting in an hourly cost of $460 per member. The total 2011 annual cost to the taxpayers was $69,000.

"Special meetings" often consisted of short telephone conversations where the taxpayers were charged $35 per call.

These costs decrease the amount that can be used for maintenance, and are ridiculous. The Grand Traverse County Board should review the definition of "special meeting" and they should review the appointments to the County Road Commission.

Grand Traverse County Road Commission 2011 Statistics:

Whatever happened to public service?

Maurice Dore Dennis

Traverse City

The writer is a former Grand Traverse County Road Commissioner.

This is nothing new

In her letter of July 17, Barbara Coger suggests that the Affordable Care Act violates people's religious freedoms, but it does no such thing. According to Celia Munoz, Director of the White House Domestic Policy Council, all churches — indeed all houses of worship — are expressly exempted from the requirement that they offer health insurance to their employees that includes any provision for contraception.

In fact, in an attempt to avoid confusion, the Department of Health and Human Services issued a rule in 2011 that reinforces the rights of religious organizations to refuse procedures that violate their moral or ethical standards. The Affordable Care Act gives everyone the right to choose the health care coverage that's tailored to their own life. The law will force health care providers to treat everyone fairly despite any pre-existing conditions they might have and protect them from being dropped once they become sick. The health care law doesn't take away rights, it gives them.

Again, according to Munoz, over 50 percent of Americans already live in states that require health insurance companies to provide contraception in their policy offerings. This is nothing new. Most women, including over 98 percent of Catholic women, have used contraception.

Michael A. Kroes

Traverse City

Integrity, fortitude

The "people's sheriff." Interpretation — integrity, honesty and fortitude. Having worked with Kevin Sandvig throughout his 10-year career with the sheriff's office, both as a co-worker and supervisor, he was known for analyzing the status quo. In this, he led others in teamwork and development. It is critical to express genuineness in dealing with citizens and offenders. He worked cohesively with local courts and community programs to attribute to the rehabilitation of offenders, and a better community.

As a U.S. Coast Guard officer, he conveys expertise in fiscal operations and leadership.

Vote Kevin Sandvig on Aug 7.

Christina Harrigan

Traverse City

A 'fiscal conservative'

Having the honor of serving with Glen Lile on numerous boards and committees, I know that he is extremely hard working, that he was a "fiscal conservative" before it was a trendy catchphrase, and his only agenda is the people he represents. East Bay Township has a very heathy financial picture now, but it was a mess when he arrived in office.

I strongly endorse Glen Lile for East Bay Township Supervisor.

Chuck Korn

Traverse City

The writer is Garfield Township supervisor.

Selflessness and service

As citizens of Leelanau County for 43 years, we've been blessed with the most kind and readily helpful neighbors, of 13 years, Del and Karyl Moore and family. We want to acknowledge the selfless contributions Del makes to this neighborhood, county, and nation. Del Moore is running for sheriff, therefore, it's with great honor that we express our gratitude for his ever-present police services to communities and to our country in Iraq — contributing to bettering the future for us, our children, and this nation.

Honesty, devotion, selflessness, and service with a smile embody Del and his impeccable character.

Larry and Loretta Ludka

Elmwood Township

Thoughtful and fair

As a County Commissioner elected in 2008, I served the residents of Grand Traverse County along with Sheriff Tom Bensley. Our elected offices frequently crossed paths as we worked on budget and program issues. I found Sheriff Bensley's decisions to be thoughtful and fair. He guided his department first and foremost with the best interest of our community and his staff.

I look forward to casting my vote on Aug. 7 for Tom Bensley.

Beth Friend

Traverse City

An honest man

I am writing in regards to the upcoming election of Sheriff of Grand Traverse County. I believe strongly in Kevin Sandvig's views and beliefs in making this county a better place. Kevin is a strong leader, ambitious, and an honest man. A leader that would get the job done and would work for our community. Kevin has a strong family background and believes in family. He cares and shows that he cares. He has proven he stands by what he speaks.

Kevin Sandvig, the man for the job.

Barbara Lynn Bates


Intelligence, new ideas

Betsy Coffia has my support for election to the 104th District in the Michigan House of Representatives. This is her first run for public office, and she brings new ideas and a true desire to serve her community. The incumbent has won many awards for catering to downstate businesses but clearly has forgotten us. Betsy truly cares about us, her lifelong friends and neighbors. Add to this her intelligence and enthusiasm, and I don't think we could be better represented.

Janet Frohman Atallo

Traverse City