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August 1, 2012

Election Letters to the Editor: 08/01/2012

Committed to taxpayers

Over the past 18 months remarkable things have been accomplished in Lansing. A once-debilitating $1.5 billion structural deficit has been turned into a growing surplus; wasteful state spending has been eliminated through unemployment insurance and welfare reform; the job-killing Michigan Business Tax was replaced with an equitable tax structure, leading to over 80,000 jobs created in 2011 and a rapidly declining unemployment rate.

Through his work as Commerce Committee Chairman, Rep. Wayne Schmidt has demonstrated his commitment to fighting for taxpayers and bringing prosperity back to Michigan. That is why I am voting for Wayne Schmidt on Aug. 7.

Linda Witt

Traverse City

Competent, committed

David Weatherholt has done an excellent job as the Peninsula Township treasurer for the past 12 years. He is competent and committed to working for Peninsula Township and has the experience necessary for this position. Please join us and vote for Dave's re-election.

Marilyn and Jerry Wares

Traverse City

Mark your calendar

Mark your calendar now to vote in the primary election. Most of the local city and township decisions will be decided at that time. Vote Tuesday, Aug. 7.

Kathy Woods

Traverse City

Person we need

The work Wayne Schmidt has done in Lansing is of great benefit to Michigan's taxpayers, job providers and employees alike. For example, as the shepherd of legislation through the House of Representatives stabilizing and modernizing the state's workers compensation system, Rep. Wayne Schmidt is directly responsible for saving taxpayers and employers millions of dollars and providing injured workers with a clearer, more functional process for receiving the benefits they deserve. Mr. Schmidt is the type of person we need working for us in Lansing. I encourage you to vote for Rep. Wayne Schmidt on Aug. 7.

Gabe Hisem

Traverse City

Most qualified

In the race for Probate Judge we have an outstanding candidate, Melanie Stanton. Not only does she have 10 years experience as a registered nurse (1987-1988), in her 20-plus years as an attorney in Leelanau and Grand Traverse counties she has had experience with family law, adoptions, paternity cases, estate planning, juvenile delinquency, mediator for domestic relations, guardianships/conservatorships and attorney or guardian representing neglected children, the mentally ill and developmentally disabled individuals.

I urge you to vote for the most qualified candidate in the field, Melanie Stanton. Her background and experience shows she cares.

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