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June 23, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 06/23/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — Get issue on the ballot

Recent exposure of the on-site water shortages experienced by Encana Corp. as it attempted to frack a new well in Kalkaska County highlight the dangers of the new technology for extracting natural gas.

The new horizontal drilling technology requires massive amounts of groundwater to complete the fracturing process. One well in Excelsior Township used 21 million gallons of fresh ground water, taken for free from the aquifer and contaminated with toxic chemicals. It must be reinjected into the ground when it flows back to the surface, gone forever from the hydrologic cycle and gone from our rivers and streams.

These industrial operations must stop immediately. A request for a withdrawal of 31 million gallons for another well has not been turned down. Those of us who value the water in Michigan must act now. A ballot initiative is circulating which would amend an existing state law so that it bans horizontal fracking and fracking waste. The Committee to Ban Fracking, at, has volunteers at many events in the area. Let’s get this on the ballot in 2014 so citizens can decide if they want their water destroyed to extract natural gas for export.

Peggy Case


The writer is President of Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation


Remember the intangibles

It was with great sadness I learned of the passing of Bryan Crough. Friend, mentor, counselor, brother in many ways, Bryan personified the energy and vitality he left in his considerable wake.

I remember meeting him on his first day at the Old Town Playhouse, back in the 80s. He came in with that self-effacing laugh and laid-back manner, immediately capturing all of us with his sense of humor and boundless enthusiasm. Though we hadn’t communicated regularly much lately, any time we did, we picked right up where we left off.

His contributions to Traverse City, its culture and lifestyle, his never-say-die attitude even in light of some great personal challenges, were in themselves a tribute to a man who made us all proud to call him friend and colleague.

Bryan will be remembered for what he did for his community, to be sure. But I hope he will also be remembered for the intangibles: breaking down of social barriers just by being who he was; his vision; his charm; and unwavering loyalty.

He will be missed in TC to be sure, and by everyone who had the sublime pleasure of calling him friend.

Dave “Leighton” Elliott

Naples, Fla.

The writer is a former resident of Traverse City.


Don’t care about people

The Leelanau County Commissioners’ decision to not request funding for two very important, wide-reaching programs in Leelanau County is unconscionable. People who have depended upon their help to obtain funds to operate the Early Childhood Development-Parenting Communities Program and the Neighborhood Assistance Ministry of Leelanau Christian Neighbors will now have to turn away those in need. Children and families lose to a printer/scanner and a K-9 Unit?

This action taken by five Leelanau County Commissioners demonstrates they don’t care about people who have fallen on hard times.

Susan K. Reens

Lake Leelanau