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June 22, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 06/22/2013

Will leave me longing

I grew up in and have always considered Traverse City my home. I have always counted myself fortunate to have grown up in such a beautiful place and among such a loving community. Having lived in different cities in different areas of our country, I felt welcomed back to “TC” this summer with open arms.

I am proud to come from a city where people hold open the door for strangers with a smile, where they know your name at the hardware and the sandwich shop and where your neighbors are family. My daily interactions with members of our community are continually pleasant and friendly, which is a far cry from my interactions in other cities.

Thank you, Traverse City (and those who live here), for making me proud to call you “home” and to consider you my home no matter where I am.

The move back to Chicago in August will surely leave me longing for the welcoming and pleasant comforts of home.

Kristina Droste

Traverse City

Same vilification

President Barack Obama himself has been falsely vilified on an inordinate number of occasions, but until Mr. Castronovo’s recent letter to the Record-Eagle, I had never heard anyone accuse our President of “vilifying” former President George W. Bush.

Unfortunately, Mr. Castronovo did not choose to speak of President Obama as respectfully as he claims George W. Bush has spoken of our President, but instead has resorted to the same type of vilification that he condemns in his June 7 letter.

Joanne Rosengren

Elk Rapids

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