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April 17, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 04/17/2014

Let viewers decide

To anyone with a desire to hear “truth,” re: Fox News. In regards to the Feb. 22 letter headlined “Don’t fall victim,” don’t fall victim indeed.

If Fox News can’t be trusted to tell the truth, I wonder why it is, and has been for many, many years, the No 1 viewed news network in America. Mr. John Billette is “unfortunately” just one of those “liberals” whose beliefs only travel a “one-way street.”

One must remember, the “danger” of liberalism is in its obfuscation of the truth, which results in the intellectual disarming of the American people. Fox News “asks questions, “fair and balanced,” and allows viewers to decide that which is fact and that which is fiction.

As far as Mr. Obama goes, if he would fulfill his campaign promises and respect our beloved Constitution, “that” probably would give him a decent chance to save his legacy.

Ronald Hatt

Traverse City


Serfs in America

We’ve come full circle, fleeing Europe to escape the excesses of the aristocracy only to become serfs in America. Unions, the only arbitrator for fair wages, have been attacked (essentially dismantled in Michigan), environmental laws gutted, regulations to protect us from fraud on Wall Street and banks eliminated, laws to ensure safe food, water and air, pass.

Most of our elected officials are bought and paid for because the conservative Supreme Court has made corporations — people and money — speech.

Can you imagine cheating a bank and not serving hard time in prison? Yet not one banker or Wall Street employee has been held accountable, much less imprisoned, for stealing billions from Americans and destroying the economy.

Corporations and their puppets suppress our vote, write our laws, lie to us, move our jobs off-shore, hide their incomes in other countries and expect us to comply. It’s all about profit with Big Business and the 1 percent raking it in while workers’ wages have dropped.

We must vote out of office those who neglect the citizens of this country, institute a progressive income tax started by President Eisenhower, prosecute tax evaders and change the Constitution to regulate campaign financing.

John E. McDonald

Traverse City

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