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April 16, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 04/16/2014

Willful ignorance?


I am concerned about the fact that our city is putting forward what I call “A Plan to Fail.”

On one hand, permission to raise bees has been granted to the residents of Traverse City (such a good thing). On the other hand, the city is using lawn treatments (but not organic) all around the government buildings and other places in town (so very bad).

Did you know that if a worker bee encounters a toxic substance it will fly away and die rather than contaminate the hive?

Thus, the city and residents who think they have to have “the perfect lawn” are sabotaging a potential positive, how very sad.

Now, I am wondering is this ignorance or intention? Or as a friend just mentioned, perhaps it’s willful ignorance.

Julie Pearson

Traverse City


Do the people matter?

It’s surprising that Gov. Snyder makes Michigan citizens suffer with the danger of our roads with an election coming up. The state’s roads are full of potholes.

Don’t the people matter, or only the big corporations that fund him?

While corporations have the rights of the individual, the individual still has one vote.

Returning from Chicago I crossed into “Pure Michigan;” the roads immediately became very rough. In Ann Arbor they have to close lanes because of potholes.

In Traverse City I blew out two tires by hitting one wicked pothole.

This governor is not concerned with the people’s needs.


Judy Childs

Traverse City



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