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April 12, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 04/12/2014

Happier, healthier

Under the guise of caring about life the American Legislative Exchange Commission (ALEC) continues to introduce legislation into state legislatures to control women’s bodies. However, methinks caring about life is better expressed by the nonpartisan League of Women Voters, “We are against abortion; we are even more against the government controlling women’s bodies.”

If the government can control women’s bodies it can control everyone’s bodies — and that is totalitarianism. Remember the barbaric human experiments of the Nazi regime? And the death camps (which our privatized prisons are rapidly becoming)? Is this really the kind of government we want?

Countries more advanced than ours have realized the path to peace and prosperity is by empowering women, children and men. Such countries provide education and health care for everyone so no one has to work three jobs or go bankrupt. Some governments even provide in-home nanny services for families with babies. People in these countries are happier, healthier and live longer than in our country.

If ALEC members genuinely care about life, they could find more creative ways to show it — like a yacht-sharing program with the savings used to fund health care and education for all.

Celia Hastings


Better than gridlock

The GOP as we once new it is nonexistent. The Republican Party is now bought and paid for by a few individuals, i.e. David and Charles Koch, John Childs, Robert Rowling and other billionaire moneymen. Their agenda and millions are being funneled through ultra-conservative front groups: Club for Growth, Freedom Works, Madison Project, Senate Conservative Fund and Heritage Action for America, to name a few. Great sounding names, but outside the mainstream GOP party.

This group of ultra-conservatives plots their agenda using secret meetings and cloaked contributions. What is lost is an open party debate on issues, candidates within the Republican Party. When it comes to election time and a comparison of platforms between parties, are we hearing the positions of this small group of individuals or the mainstream GOP? There is no hope of any compromise on legislation within this group’s agenda guaranteeing future gridlock.

For Independents, and hijacked Republicans, consider the Democratic Party, whose membership consists of conservative southern Democrats and liberal California Democrats. A balanced approached to issues is better than future gridlock.

Ronald D. Dykstra


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