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April 9, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 04/09/2014

No need to name school

I am a recent transfer to Traverse City High School from Central High School. Seeing your report on the recent armed robbery at Northwestern Michigan College really disturbed me. What bothered me was seeing my school’s name in connection with one of the alleged perpetrators.

In my opinion the high school of the suspect has absolutely nothing to do with alleged crime. I honestly do not see how the school is relevant in your story. You don’t list the high schools of other suspects; why single out TC High in this way? Whether you meant it or not (and I hope you didn’t) this adds to the misrepresentation of Traverse City’s only “alternative” high school.

Staff and students go out of their way to improve our community’s reputation through such actions as the food pantry, community service, day care, homeless programs, etc. And yet all this hard work can be instantly undone through one article such as yours.

If the school was relevant, then print it, but if it’s not, please refrain.

Brendan Eggli

Traverse City

Much ado about nothing

Re: Traverse City Area Public Schools expenditure on an advertisement supporting a school millage:

Much ado about nothing. Just why shouldn’t the TCAPS board promote the passage of a needed school millage? Sound like a reasonable thing to do — a good thing for a responsible public board to do.

Methinks that some tea party or other rabid anti-government and anti-tax extremist is just trying to stir up trouble because he/she/they don’t like public schools or taxes to support them.

And now we learn that the school board must use scarce dollars for legal fees and reimbursement.

Why keep printing these ridiculous objections? These people should just be ignored — let him/her/them stew in their own vitriolic and destructive hostility.

Much ado about nothing.

James W. Alstrom

Bear Lake

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