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October 2, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 10/02/2013

Willing to speak up

I’m casting my vote for Ross Richardson for City Commission Nov. 5. Ross is dedicated to our city and the region as a past City Planning Commissioner and two-term County Commissioner. He understands the values our great town holds and is willing to speak up to protect the character we have come to know and love about Traverse City.

He supports transportation alternatives, be it bike paths or sidewalks through our neighborhoods. He knows the importance of maintaining a quality public safety network in our police and fire departments while managing growth.

Vote Ross Richardson for City Commission.

Jim Carruthers

Traverse City

The writer is a Traverse City Commissioner.

Time for a breakup?

Is the U.S. too big and unwieldy to govern its disparate parts? Do we need to break up into natural geographic sections where our special interests are shared? This would put each citizen closer to our representatives.

What would be the sections? Perhaps, one: the East Coast down through New Jersey, Delaware; two: the Old South; three: the Great Lake states (including New York State?); four: the Midwest states; five: the Southwest interior; six: the Pacific Coast states including Alaska and Hawaii.

We’d become the American Union … like the European Union, and with open borders, banking and military. The Soviet Union broke up, and so, can we?

It’s a very drastic measure which I throw out for discussion because our national government is stalled and our representatives are mostly brought up by lobbyists for international corporations which have only their corporation interests, not ours.

Marian Gyr


A vote for integrity

Ross Richardson will be a great City Commissioner. Ross will provide common sense leadership for Traverse City. He knows what it is like to run a business. He will keep protecting our citizens. He stands up for programs that benefit all citizens. A vote for Ross is a vote for integrity, hard work, experience and dedication.

Lee Hornberger

Traverse City

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