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July 10, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 07/10/2012

We can do better

I was disappointed that Reps. Benishek, Huizenga, and Camp voted in favor of HR 4480, which subjugates the environment to the economic health of the oil companies.

Apparently, they didn't learn anything from the BP oil spill. These politicians voted to expand offshore drilling and, believe it or not, ignore any environmental concerns as long as the oil companies can claim they are suffering negative economic impact by protecting the environment. Who wrote this bill? Why, the oil company lobbyists, of course!

These three "representatives" of northern Michigan should be ashamed that they, once again, sold our environment to the highest bidder. Please don't say "All politicians are alike," because they are not. It is time to stop sending lap dogs to Washington to do the bidding of the oil, finance, and pharmaceutical companies. We can do so much better than these three.

By the way, protecting the environment, creating green energy, and promoting tourism also creates jobs. Of course, these industries don't pay Benishek, Huizenga, and Camp's campaign expenses and retirement funds, do they?

Gary S. Powell

Traverse City

Never taught respect

While stopping at a bench to remove a stone from my shoe while biking on the Leelanau Trail this morning, it was with disgust and anger that I saw the bench honoring Jim Mudgett defiled with nasty graffiti and his nameplate obscured with black marker.

It is too bad the person or persons responsible for this sad act were never taught respect for things that don't belong to them.

I hope whoever did this learns a better way to express themselves.

Charlene Jackson

Traverse City

Important part is 'care'

The Record-Eagle's editorial of July 1 is right on. To this date there have been no positive suggestions from the Republican Party, only negative comments about anything Democrats suggest.

The important part of Obamacare is "care." This law is the first help for 30 to 50 million of our fellow citizens.

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