Traverse City Record-Eagle

June 29, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 06/29/2012


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Right candidate

Christine Maxbauer is the right candidate at the right time to be re-elected to the Grand Traverse County Board of Commissioners. Chris and I worked for the same international company for 20 years. She has an excellent and extraordinary work ethic seldom seen in today's world.

Chris' assertiveness and passion for the issues has brought accountability to the board and benefits to the citizens of Grand Traverse County with a fiscally conservative mindset to control wasteful spending.

Christine Maxbauer deserves re-election to the board to keep Grand Traverse County moving forward in a responsible, positive direction.

Larry M. Gerschbacher

Traverse City

Clean Air Act

I appreciate U.S. Senators Debbie Stabenow and Carl Levin for voting against the Congressional Review Act (S.J. Res. 37) that sought to eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency's Mercury and Air Toxics Standards. With a legacy of bipartisan support, the Clean Air Act has a long history of success in reducing pollution that threatens people and wildlife. The mercury rule is a fundamental part of our duty to safeguard public health and ensure cleaner air and water for our children.

Sportsmen from across the country support action to reduce mercury, carbon, and other toxic pollution in order to safeguard fish, wildlife, and their habitats, which provide ecosystem services and quality of life for our citizens. The Clean Air Act has a strong and proven track record of protecting public health along with our lakes, forests, wildlife, national parks, and other natural treasures from untold damage while allowing our economy to prosper.

I congratulate the Senators for their recent vote in support of the Clean Air Act, along with a broad coalition of environmental, health, sportsmen, and faith groups, stand ready to work in ensuring Congress can deliver more jobs, energy independence, and clean air and water for future generations.

Brenda Archambo


Use your head, heart

In response to the Paul Ryan budget, scheduled to go into effect July 1, 12 Catholic nuns toured the country to help the rest of us realize its impact on our neighbors.

In Michigan there will be cuts to Head Start, special education, Medicare/Medicaid and health insurance credits for small businesses. The richest will get tax cuts.

Nuns, by how they serve, set an example to all of us to grapple with difficult issues in an attempt to live life more fully, to truly care for our neighbor and ultimately to help the world live in peace. Do you know some of these remarkable people?

In fact, social justice teaching of many Christian churches stands on the idea that asking questions about social justice issues is part of our call to follow Christ. Being involved in the affairs of our democratic nation is thus a responsibility.

How may we respond? We can become informed of the truth — don't just believe what you're seeing on television; talk with others, even when it's difficult — democracy relies on dialogue; and when the election comes, use your head and your heart and vote. It's the least we can do for our neighbor.

Joy Smith


Overturn this tyranny

It was wonderful to see over 300 people on June 8 come to the Open Space and attend the "Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally." It was one of 164 rallies held in cities throughout the United States.

Christians came together to express their deep concern for the mandate from Health & Human Services and its attempt to strip away our religious freedom and force us to accept and pay for immoral practices against our consciences. Many religious and secular people and groups have spoken out strongly against this mandate. There are over 40 lawsuits presently filed in the Supreme Court in the hopes of overturning this tyranny.

Betty Kunkel

Traverse City

Fireworks not patriotic

The fireworks season (June-September) has begun, and I would like to remind us to please view fireworks at the public displays and refrain from doing them around your cottage, home, or in fields.

The smoke from fireworks contains toxic heavy metals that damage our lungs, trigger asthma, pollute the water and cause cancer and digestive illness in humans, wildlife and pets.

The loud noise of fireworks can trigger post-traumatic stress disorder in military veterans, cause miscarriages in deer, and terrorize family pets and wildlife.

Fireworks are not patriotic. If you have money to spend, please consider a donation to a veterans organization, homeless shelter, food pantry, animal shelter or conservancy. That would be a cause for celebration!

I wish us all a peaceful, relaxing summer!

Julie Chai

Traverse City

When is it a witch hunt?

I find it ironic that whenever a member of the forces who protect our country commits a crime, especially the murder of innocents, that the media are all over it and demand that all involved are brought to justice.

However, when federal government employees break the law and a member of the forces who protect our country is murdered, the media call it a witch hunt when Congress does its duty and tries to find who is responsible. I reference the political cartoon in the Record-Eagle on June 22 which implies that the attempt to find out the facts about who was in part responsible for the murder of a border patrol officer is a witch hunt.

John McCombs

Traverse City