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April 1, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 04/01/2014

Volcanoes can’t be taxed

Responding to Ms. Del Buono’s March 15 critique of George Will’s opinion piece, facts contradict her theory.

Mt. Katmai-Novarupta’s eruption in 1912 placed more carbon in the atmosphere than mankind in its existence. Mt Pinatubu’s eruption in 1991 cooled global temperatures by 0.72 C. At our home in Alaska for 17 years I planted my gardens May 1, and in the last five years I have had to shovel snow off of my gardens and snow remains on the hillsides the entire summer.

The university maintains an ice cave in the permafrost that reveals periods of warming much greater than what we have experienced. Claiming that the science is settled is certainly premature. We have multiple sources of fuels that can give us low-cost energy for a few hundred years, while at any given time many wind generators are down for lack of repair parts.

Wind and solar are a part of our future, but they will take decades to be an economically feasible alternative. To spend trillions on conflicting theories is not a solution, while at any given time on this planet several volcanoes are spewing carbon into the atmosphere, which unfortunately cannot be taxed.

Phil Pachulski


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