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March 27, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 03/27/2014

Lazy, irresponsible

A hike in the minimum wage is an easy way to buy votes but is it responsible? In companies where the CEO makes 1,000 times more than the lowest paid full-time worker, raising the wage seems plausible, but what about smaller businesses where this gap is less?

Small businesses, especially seasonal ones, will have a hard time absorbing a 36 percent increase in wages without making up for it in pricing or hours reduction. Furthermore, increasing the wage for unskilled workers will require an increase for skilled workers as well, otherwise what would be the point of gaining additional skill sets?

Increasing the minimum wage has its merits, but an across-the-board implementation is both lazy and irresponsible.

Tim Olson

Traverse City

Environment change

We are a nation allowing a certain selfish society depleting our treasury as they see fit. They are changing rules and laws to benefit the powerful elites while dismantling portions of our Constitution.

Our complacency of allowing those in power to continue dividing the public, manipulating us to decay within as a “United America,” is molding us into a feudalistic society.

The poor and the middle class are being colonized by these elitists; this was historically a serfdom-type environment in Europe years back, which had to be changed.

Only a unified America can survive as a free society.

John Sanchez

Traverse City

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