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March 20, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 03/20/2014

So deal with it

What Carole Underwood said in her letter of Jan. 19 about bad personal choices leading to dead-end lives is accurate. Ms. Egeler (Feb. 14 letter) does not even address that. Instead, she throws out red herring after red herring, in typical liberal fashion.

Liberals do not want to wean people off assistance; they want as many people as possible dependent on public assistance so those people will vote to keep the welfare coming, meaning vote Democrat.

Next, pay ratios have nothing to do with poverty; bad personal choices and attitudes do. Life isn’t fair and whining about executive compensation won’t change that. So deal with it. Make something of yourself.

The middle class prospering during the 1970s? That’s so pathetic it’s almost funny. The 1970s were 10 years of near-recession. There was nothing prosperous about them.

Prattling about income inequality is silly at best, dangerous at worst. It smacks strongly of Communism. Remember Lenin’s “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need” motto? That is exactly what Obama and the liberals’ talking about income inequality amounts to.

Do you want to work so someone else can have what you earn?

Charles Knapp

Maple City

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