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March 19, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 03/19/2014

Using the science

A March 8 letter from Ken Kreh indicates a common misunderstanding of science. He states that macro evolution is nothing more than a belief system.

In fact, it is a theory that is the best current explanation of life on Earth. As a theory it can evolve (pun intended) as new information becomes available. The present formulation of evolution is very different from Darwin’s.

Religion, on the contrary, believes that it has the “Truth” and thus has no need to evolve.

Mr. Kreh probably doesn’t realize that he strongly believes in science. Every time he drives a car, flies in a plane, uses electricity or a phone or does any of thousands of other everyday things, he is using the same science that developed the theory of evolution.

Will Wuerthele


Seek the facts

The Washington Post Fact Checker Glenn Kessler reported on March 2 about the Michigan attack ad sponsored by the Koch-financed Americans for Prosperity (

Leukemia patient Julia Boonstra claims in the TV ad that her “health insurance was canceled because of Obamacare and now out-of-pocket costs are so high it’s unaffordable.” Kessler says the facts contradict her statement. Boonstra was able to find a Blue Cross Blue Shield plan that included her doctor. The Detroit News learned that the new plan Boonstra chose will save at least $1,200 a year compared with her former insurance plan (

The facts prove that under Obamacare she will receive better coverage for less money than her original plan.

Since the passage of Citizens United, political ads are not required to be true. Each of us has the civic responsibility to seek the facts. Check the above sources for yourself. Ms. Boonstra is just one example of someone who will receive better coverage while saving money.

Why are the Koch Brothers spending millions of dollars on attack ads against affordable health insurance for all Americans?

Barbara Schneider

Maple City

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