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March 11, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 03/11/2014

Allow us to be proud

I hope the Traverse City Commission allows Safe Harbor to use the city building by Boardman Lake. I would be so proud if our city would take more action to help citizens and less to entertain them. The volunteers for Safe Harbor are an inspiration, walking the talk of social action. They’ve earned our support.

Ironic that one of the reasons to oppose helping those with no homes is that it might possibly decrease by a small amount the property values of some of the most over-priced homes in our city. It also seems misguided that adjacent businesses and neighbors worry about crime related to homelessness as a reason to deny this request. Most crime in Traverse City is committed by people who have homes. If they’re scared by strangers in our neighborhoods, the question to ask is why has our police force been reduced? We used to have neighborhood sector patrols. What happened?

Refusing to assist homelessness will not decrease crime. Sheltering those who have no place to sleep is noble and decent and this building is a fine place to invite them in. I hope our commissioners allow us to be proud of ourselves.

Chris Bazzett

Traverse City

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