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March 7, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 03/07/2014

Where was Snyder?

The president of the United States comes to Michigan State University to sign a farm bill that is very important to Michigan and where is Republican Gov. Rick Synder, or any Republican for that matter?

Oh that’s right, President Obama is a Democrat. Snyder and his fellow Republicans were planning with the Koch brothers how to dole things out in his budget that he knows will never happen.

Don Dierkes


Time to fight back

Not again. The squirrel just confounded our latest attempt to foil his feeder marauding. What? Old Man Winter has rodents working against us now? Is there no end to this? Do you realize people are losing it because of this raw winter weather? They are out there bowling with frozen turkeys, playing horse shoes with toilet seats, riding Ferris wheels, doing snow-removal ballet on roof tops without a net. With their dark, quilted, puffed coats, they look like ebony Michelin characters.

Is it not enough that we have patches of dry skin deserving sandpaper grit ratings? The crust on the car is so thick, color is indiscernible, and speaking of dry, what are these jagged pieces of petrified wood in our nasal passages?

Oh, and how are those back, shoulder and neck muscles from hunching against the cold and skating in places where you are used to walking? How’s the length of that temper of yours?

It’s time to fight back. We’re in this together. Poke a finger right in Old Man Winter’s eye. Get up! Put on some color! Get out! Meet people! Laugh it off!

Aughghgh!!! Ow ... I think I hurt myself.

Jeff and Susan Kessler

Elmwood Township

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