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June 19, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 06/19/2012

Change leadership

It has become clear since the last national election that the role of president calls for more than a well-meaning, articulate champion of the "middle class" incessantly repeating the mantra that everybody "deserves a fair shot."

While the presidency offers the forum and bully pulpit to voice his egalitarian message, after nearly four years with two having both houses, the president has a record to run on and run from. His unprecedented anti-business rhetoric and policies have created a business climate that has undermined the pace of economic recovery. A leadership change is needed.

Dick Selvala

Cross Village

So much for 'protection'

Well, here they go again, representing only the few, the rich, the powerful at the state's expense. The Michigan Senate is making it easier for the millionaires to build condo developments and giant plastic homes within our shorelines and dunes. So much for the "dune protection" law.

Our state senate approved "significant" changes to our dune protection laws. According to our Republican senators, it is now OK for the wealthy to rape the rare and pristine dunes of Lake Michigan. Imagine, from Manistee to Northport a solid line of condos and giant plastic houses. If these Republican senators had their way, the Sleeping Bear Dunes would be open to condo development.

Mark Greening


A very qualified person

I support Dr. Dan Lathrop for Grand Traverse County commissioner. He is a very qualified person. He was a wonderful doctor for years, has a lot of political experience and has been involved with many different boards of Traverse City for many years.

I believe he would make a wonderful commissioner.

Lynda Herkner

Traverse City

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