Traverse City Record-Eagle

June 17, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 06/17/2012


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Families are struggling

There are families in the Traverse City area that are struggling on a daily basis just to feed their kids, and the Traverse City Area Public Schools wants to tax them more to pay for a $26.5 million performing arts center? Shame on you.

Marie Pifer

Traverse City

Live within a budget

Recently an article in the Record-Eagle stated that the Traverse area schools were proposing to ask voters for a bond to be used to repair and remodel or re-equip the schools. What happened to the millions the schools received a few years ago that was to be used for this purpose? I hope more people remember this and vote "no" on a millage increase. It's time to live within a budget and not over budget.

Walter Wilczynski

Traverse City

Outstanding candidate

I encourage all registered voters to vote for Bonnie Scheele for Grand Traverse County Clerk in the August primary and November election. I worked with Bonnie for several years at the Friend of the Court where Bonnie first worked in the accounting department and then as a case manager before Linda Coburn asked her to join the clerk's office as Deputy County Clerk. She did each job quickly, accurately and with a smile on her face.

Bonnie's education, 15 years of experience as Deputy County Clerk and pleasant manner make her an outstanding candidate for Grand Traverse County Clerk.

Emily Jackson

Traverse City

Doing the right thing

Obamacare: What would Dan Benishek have done? As we await the Supreme Court's verdict regarding Obamacare, think how different things would be if Dan Benishek had been our U.S. Congressman in March 2010. Democrat Congressman Bart Stupak buckled-in to President Obama's pressure and gave up on our pro-life principles so the bill would pass.

Obamacare will increase healthcare costs and has put a damper on economic growth. We really didn't need to go through this turmoil over the past two-plus years. Dan Benishek has the strength to do the right thing. Too bad he wasn't in office in March 2010.

Tom Sarowski

Harbor Springs

Using sense, drive

Voters, it is my pleasure to recommend Christine Maxbauer for re-election to the Grand Traverse County Board of Commissioners. I am a Commission on Aging board member and have served with Christine four years. Christine is committed, loyal and creative. Christine listens, stays focused and gets the job done. Christine actively looks for ways to improve the quality of life for seniors.

Christine's track record: Responsible for televised board meetings, promotes public safety awareness, promoted countywide curbside recycling. Christine's common sense approach and drive is needed to make a difference in the future of our county. Vote for Christine Maxbauer.

Rodetta Harrand


Independent, assertive

"Don't forget, vote Follette" is the slogan for Cheryl Follette's campaign for county clerk, though you've elected her four times over 20 years of service to the community on the Northwestern Michigan College board. You know she asks the tough questions and is fiscally conservative. With 24 years of legal experience, court administration, teaching and business ownership she brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership.

Cheryl is not an "insider"; she is independent and assertive and will work for us. Go to to learn more. And don't forget to vote Follette.

Cathie Martin

Traverse City

Experience matters

I support Bonnie Scheele in her candidacy for Grand Traverse County Clerk. I have known Bonnie for over 25 years, and she has always maintained a high level of professionalism and good nature, even in very stressful situations. She has been the Chief Deputy County Clerk for the past 15 years. She has the knowledge of what is expected of the county clerk's office and the experience to implement that knowledge. Experience matters. Vote Aug. 7.

To learn more about Bonnie, please visit her web site: or her Facebook page: Bonnie Scheele for County Clerk.

Cynthia Turner

Traverse City

Unless you're entitled

Former U.S. Rep. Pete Hoekstra is running for the U.S. Senate. I'm going to vote for him. You should, too; this is why.

Using a local analogy, the cherry pie, let's look at the difference between Rep. Hoekstra's views on the economy and the incumbent's. The incumbent is interested in cutting the pie to make sure each piece is exactly same. But, wait. Someone wants blueberry. Too bad, how unpatriotic; unless, of course, you're entitled. Rep. Hoekstra is interested in making sure you have the opportunity to acquire the resources to make or buy as many pies as you choose.

Kimber Bilby


No new school millage

Stop it. No new millage for schools. Every entity seems to think they need to tap our pockets some more. Cut the administration by two thirds to begin with, then cut some more. They want us to open our wallets, handbags and IRA savings to fund more expenditures that will only grow the problem. No more taxes or fees due to poor management and oversight.

Taxpayer, when was the last time you received an increase in your pay or pension? Probably not for years. Enough of this ridiculous mis-expenditure mentality by the schools. Their administration is laughable if not ridiculous.

Bill Plough

Traverse City

Vote for experience

I endorse Bonnie Scheele for Grand Traverse County Clerk. The clerk safeguards birth, death, marriage, Circuit and Family Court records and has many other critical roles.

As "chief election officer" the clerk ensures all federal, state and local elections are accurate and done with integrity. The current clerk protected these areas with Bonnie as chief deputy for 15 years. Bonnie worked 11 years in Circuit Court. That's 26 years of experience. Bonnie will continue the experience and dedication without potential training costs to taxpayers.

Our county clerk was a chief deputy. Vote experience; vote Bonnie Scheele.

LeVon M. Seavolt

Traverse City

Leadership change needed

It has become clear since the last national election that the role of president calls for more than a well-meaning, articulate champion of the "middle class" incessantly repeating the mantra that everybody "deserves a fair shot".

While the presidency offers the forum and bully pulpit to voice his egalitarian message, after nearly four years with two having both houses, the president has a record to run on and run from. His unprecedented anti-business rhetoric and policies have created a business climate that has undermined the pace of economic recovery. A leadership change is needed.

Dick Selvala

Cross Village