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June 17, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 06/17/2012

Families are struggling

There are families in the Traverse City area that are struggling on a daily basis just to feed their kids, and the Traverse City Area Public Schools wants to tax them more to pay for a $26.5 million performing arts center? Shame on you.

Marie Pifer

Traverse City

Live within a budget

Recently an article in the Record-Eagle stated that the Traverse area schools were proposing to ask voters for a bond to be used to repair and remodel or re-equip the schools. What happened to the millions the schools received a few years ago that was to be used for this purpose? I hope more people remember this and vote "no" on a millage increase. It's time to live within a budget and not over budget.

Walter Wilczynski

Traverse City

Outstanding candidate

I encourage all registered voters to vote for Bonnie Scheele for Grand Traverse County Clerk in the August primary and November election. I worked with Bonnie for several years at the Friend of the Court where Bonnie first worked in the accounting department and then as a case manager before Linda Coburn asked her to join the clerk's office as Deputy County Clerk. She did each job quickly, accurately and with a smile on her face.

Bonnie's education, 15 years of experience as Deputy County Clerk and pleasant manner make her an outstanding candidate for Grand Traverse County Clerk.

Emily Jackson

Traverse City

Doing the right thing

Obamacare: What would Dan Benishek have done? As we await the Supreme Court's verdict regarding Obamacare, think how different things would be if Dan Benishek had been our U.S. Congressman in March 2010. Democrat Congressman Bart Stupak buckled-in to President Obama's pressure and gave up on our pro-life principles so the bill would pass.

Obamacare will increase healthcare costs and has put a damper on economic growth. We really didn't need to go through this turmoil over the past two-plus years. Dan Benishek has the strength to do the right thing. Too bad he wasn't in office in March 2010.

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