Traverse City Record-Eagle

August 15, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 08/15/2012


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Will need guidance

More and more local/district health department health officers are facing censure and demotion or dismissal over allegations of harassment. This is a disturbing trend that has damaged irreparably the careers and lives of otherwise good men. In Saginaw County, our late health officer was similarly dismissed from a 30-year career in public health only to die a few years later in disgrace. Talented replacement health officers must try to do good work under the cloud that hangs, like truth, above their heads and beyond reach.

Laurie Garrett's book "Betrayal of Trust" details the undermining of public health in the U.S.A., and now the Institute of Medicine is recommending the joining of private medicine with public health a paradigm perhaps too late in coming.

Local Medical Director Michael Collins' work is more challenging than ever and the soon-to-be acting/replacement health officers for Grand Traverse and Leelanau-Benzie counties will desperately need his help and guidance.

Neill D. Varner

Traverse City

Lowest ad in campaign

My wife and I, as well as Mitt Romney, share the common experience of having spouses who are cancer survivors. With that history, I think the recent political ad by President Obama's followers which attempts to portray Mitt Romney as an uncaring man is the worst, slimiest, lowest ad in a very dirty campaign season.

John McCombs

Traverse City

Why put water at risk?

Interesting to read on the front page of the paper that half this country is in severe drought while in Michigan we are planning to pollute millions of gallons of fresh, clean, life-sustaining water by fracking for natural gas.

Why would our state contaminate so much fresh water when people in this country need it for farming and to sustain life?

As stewards of one of the world's greatest supplies of fresh water, I don't understand why we would allow industry to pollute this valuable natural resource. And to the point of economics, why, when the price for natural gas is so low, would we put our water at risk? Water is one of the priciest natural resources, so why pollute it for one that is not?

Environmentally speaking, fracking for natural gas just does not make sense.

Keep our fresh water clean and usable for our future generations.

Jim Carruthers

Traverse City