Traverse City Record-Eagle

August 13, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 08/13/2012


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Prices repel vacationers

Just recently the price of regular gas jumped from $3.74 to $3.95 per gallon. Earlier this week it was down to $3.48 per gallon. I have to say, in my opinion, this is just a lot of price fixing on the part of suppliers and gas station owners in the Grand Traverse area. I believe that someone from the governor's office should be looking into this. We are the highest price in the state now. There's no reason for this other than greed and profit for distributors.

Do you really like to pay the highest price for gas in Michigan? What does it say about Traverse City hospitality for vacationers and film festival goers who come from afar to be here?

My take: It drives them away from here and to another location for vacationing and entertainment.

Jack Boehm


Irony of insurance

I find it slightly ironic and somewhat sardonic that Republican Rep. Dave Camp was afflicted with cancer, whose cost of treatment would destroy anyone financially who didn't have insurance, while Mr. Camp was against insurance for others.

He'll happily use his taxpayer-provided insurance. Rep. Camp doesn't have to worry about hospital and medication costs with his wonderful free health care.

Rick Couturier

Traverse City