Traverse City Record-Eagle

August 12, 2012

Letters to the editor: 08/12/2012


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Going to rake his beach

I own waterfront property. Mr. Dan Wyant (director of the Department of Environmental Qualify), the self-proclaimed chief advocate of environmental quality, does not speak for me.

I pay taxes, based on my waterfront access, and I adamantly disagree with his position on how I should use my own land.

I will add his name, like others such as the Watershed Center Grand Traverse, to the list of people who self-proclaim to be the sole guardians of our lakes, but refuse to cooperate with the Army Corps of Engineers.

They are taking our rights as homeowners away. They insist they know the best way to spend my tax dollars, and how I should live on my land. I stand up to proclaim that I am the master of my castle, and until they spend the time to walk in my shoes, purchase waterfront property, pay taxes and become part of my community, they have no justification to dictate how I will live out my military retirement in northern Michigan.

I am a property owner, taxpayer, and will not be silent when my property rights are threatened. I am going to rake my beach and make it pretty, thank you, Mr. Wyant.

Brian Sweeney

South Boardman

We've seen the best

My husband and I are from Brevard, N.C., outside of Asheville. We drove to the Traverse City Film Festival because our children were showing an independent film there.

We've been to many, many major film festivals, but this is our first time in Traverse City. We have to admit we had a wonderful time.

Traverse City is beautiful, and the festival was amazing. Thank you to the dozens of volunteers who were so kind and helpful to us in many ways.

We were asked to fill out a questionnaire to see if we were pleased with Traverse City and the film festival: We stayed in a very comfortable hotel; shopped in many, many local shops' ate our meals in the local restaurants; and saw at least a dozen dazzling films. We were never disappointed.

Thank you Michael Moore and the film juries for giving us the push to come to Traverse City and experiencing a remarkable week.

We're on our way to California on an extended road trip and other film festivals.

But, we want to say, we've seen the best here in Traverse City. We're seriously thinking of returning next year.

Penny and Terry Davies

Brevard, N.C.