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August 10, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 08/10/2012

Few pay 25 percent

John Engler's Aug. 3 Forum plea for lower corporate taxes made me smile.

He's crying about our high national tax rate, and would like to see it dropped to 25 percent.

Are there any corporations in America paying at the present rate? Most have it whittled down to less than average families, and many, (GE, etc.) pay no income tax at all, leaving the citizens to pay for the infrastructure, (transportation, education, etc.) that allows them to make their fortunes.

If John would somehow enforce that 25 percent rate for all corporations, ensuring they all paid, I could actually agree with him.

More likely, once the rate is dropped, he will come out with a new article moaning about the impossible climate big corporations must endure here.

Tom Pixley

Traverse City

Foul called on bridge ads

I hope that you and your readers are not getting confused by the lies in the "People Should Decide" campaign regarding the second Detroit bridge to Canada.

The Michigan Truth Squad gives the TV ads a "flagrant foul" rating, their lowest rating, at (

It seems that virtually all claims in the ads, paid for the billionaire owner of the existing bridge, are false.

Wonder why that would be?

Kenneth Eike

Suttons Bay

Why a 'no helmet' law?

We've had a great ad campaign, Pure Michigan, that has brought foreign and domestic travelers. Our entire state has many places that tourists can enjoy. Our state has many festivals honoring local products.

Why did our elected officials deem it necessary to pass the "no helmet" law for motorcyclists?

As I read the law, enforcing the insurance requirement seems impossible. How many people have to die before they see fit to repeal this law?

Dorothy Matzinger

Traverse City

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