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May 20, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 05/20/2012

Ask a doctor

A lot of people know about the child abuse of abortions, but a lot of people do not know what partial-birth abortions are.

Ask a doctor who does not believe in partial- birth abortions and does not perform them how it is done.

Then ask a doctor who does partial-birth abortions how he does it.

Ask how and when the baby dies. There is only one answer.

Manon Hart


Restoration a scam

Would real-time photos of the Boardman River expose the scarred earth and likeness of an open-pit mine, would they expose the reality?

I don't know where these people come from or where they get their degrees, they're the real terror on the Boardman.

AMEC Environment & Infrastructure engineers say there will be no traumatic impact on the environment, wildlife or fishery.

Truth to the matter, draining of the these ponds completely changed the environment. The fish, waterfowl, mammals and reptiles once thriving here are being driven out. It's genocide.

Even the insect life will change. The high-quality wetlands host to numerous and diverse species of plant and wildlife have been traumatically devastated.

The constant bank erosion from cooler, faster waters offers no opportunity for new wetlands.

Logic tells you, the nation's largest wetland restoration program is a scam, grossly overestimating new wetlands and plain and simply fleecing American taxpayer' monies.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment fish biologists have been campaigning for a faster, cooler, free-flowing river through dam removal; how does this translate to freshwater marshes or enhancing the federally protected wetlands already encompassing the Boardman's nature preserves?

We must save these environments before it's too late.

Bruce Carpenter

Traverse City

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