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May 19, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 05/19/2012

Preventative gear

I would like to clarify a few misconceptions in the debate over government-funded contraception and sterilization.

1. No one is asking to restrict anyone's access to contraception and sterilization. You can buy any product or service you desire. I just do not believe it should be free, courtesy of taxpayers like me.

2. Contraception is not preventative care. Contraception prevents a natural process of the human body, not a disease.

3. Contraception hurts women. When women are perceived as perpetually available, there is an increase in the sexual objectification of women, pornography, divorce, STDs, unintended pregnancies and abortions. In addition, the pill is a group 1 carcinogen (same as tobacco and asbestos). Should the government demand that we give women this cancer-causing agent for free?

When sex is separated from its procreative purpose, it becomes purely recreational. Recreational activities require preventative gear.

Would you force me to buy you a helmet for your bike ride?

If you wish to engage in recreational sex you are free to do so, but why would you force me to buy your pills and condoms?

Heidi Mueller

Traverse City

City needs a bypass

If the city really wants to decrease traffic congestion on Division Street, U.S. 31, it should start lobbying for a freeway bypass around the city.

Start the road somewhere around Grawn or Chum's Corner and bring it up to Williamsburg. Perhaps it could even include a bridge at Skegemog Point and terminate somewhere north of Elk Rapids.

Anything less is just repainting the Edmund Fitzgerald.

Richard Gibbard

Rapid City

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