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May 26, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 05/26/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — Outsourcing our sport

I’m a Tigers fan, born and raised. But I have a problem these days. While Mexicans are persecuted for crossing our borders in order to make enough money so their families do not have to eat garbage and live in cardboard shacks along the Rio Grande, we welcome, unconditionally, anyone from another country who can play baseball? What?

What about our boys, born and raised in America, fabulous athletes, with awesome goals, who can’t quite make the cut because they are competing for a position against a world of competitors? Isn’t baseball really an American sport? How many born and raised American boys are able to realize their dream? What if our baseball teams were made up of all American boys? Why are we outsourcing even our sport, born in the USA?

Nancy A. Davidson

Traverse City

Promote clean energy

People talk often about what wind turbines and solar panels are about. This is what they are not about - gas explosions, oil spills, coal mining accidents and using millions of gallons of water laced with chemicals, some of which are carcinogenic.

Solar and wind do not contaminate food or soil. They do not contaminate the air. They are not about huge subsidies to the fossil fuel industries or politicians taking money from the fossil fuel industries.

They are not about injection wells, flowback, compressor stations, well pads, pipelines, earthquakes or long-term damage to the environment.

Michigan needs to be setting up infrastructure for alternative energy - not hydraulic fracturing. The wind blows, the sun shines. We owe it to future generations to promote clean energy.

Susan Wheadon


Gross rationalizations

Government funding for personal benefit is insidious. People complain of government funding but nearly always are more than happy receiving it, and in fact, are often demanding of it for themselves.

The government insures against crop failure. Should the government be an insurance company?

The government offers low- no-interest loans for weather situations that reduce and destroy crops. Should the government function as a bank that loans money directly or that guarantees repayment?

The government pays Michigan State University to research and teach improved farming techniques. Should the government pay the cost of improving any sector of private business?

Obamacare, anyone? How about unemployment benefits or welfare or Head Start for people? Does lifestyle or profession or where a person lives determine who receives government assistance?

Disagreeing to government assistance for others but accepting it for oneself, I think, leads to gross moral rationalizations and mean-spiritedness.

Edward Rom

Traverse City