Traverse City Record-Eagle

May 25, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 05/25/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — Appearance enhanced

As a lifelong resident of Traverse City I love to see the old State Hospital buildings being redeveloped in a very tasteful and useful manner.

I also love the new entryway into the commons from Silver Lake Road at Franke Road and Red Drive.

Would someone please trim the trees along Silver Lake Road from Division to Copper Ridge and along Red Drive? The cleanup of that area would really enhance the appearance of the south side of the commons property.

Gayle Popa

Traverse City

Must act together

News of carbon dioxide (CO2) reaching 400 parts per million in our atmosphere (New York Times, “Heat-Trapping Gas Passes Milestone, Raising Fears,” May 11) should have been on the front page of every newspaper. This sobering news is a call to action for curbing our carbon fuel use, the primary source of CO2 emissions responsible for global warming. Scientists quoted in the article used phrases like “it’s scary,” “inevitable march toward disaster” and “the time to do something was yesterday.”

Don’t believe the 97 percent of climate scientists who agree global warming is primarily caused by human activity? Ask people of Newtok, Alaska, America’s first climate change refugees. Since the 1990s, the Ninglick River has been eroding their village as the river rises due to melting sea ice and permafrost. Their village will likely be underwater by 2017.

The most effective way to put the brakes on this crisis is a revenue-neutral carbon tax on fossil fuel.

Returning the revenue to households protects us from rising energy costs while incentivizing us to reduce energy consumption.

The laws of nature affect us all regardless of our beliefs. We must act together now to solve this crisis.

Elizabeth Dell

Traverse City