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July 24, 2012

Election Letters to the Editor: 07/24/2012


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Has a vision for future

I have known Linda Wikle for some years and know she is supportive of business growth in Acme Township.

At a recent visioning session in Acme, it became clear that Linda's vision for Acme is like that of most of the people who attended and created a vision of Acme's future.

This includes beaches, small businesses, artistic and historic venues, and recreational facilities serving citizens and tourists using the beaches, as well as traffic quieting in the area to facilitate bike and pedestrian travel.

As a small-business person in Acme, I support Linda Wikle, Acme Township Treasurer, for re-election.

Carol Finch


Consummate pro

Peggy Haines is a consummate professional.

She and her staff have brought the Register of Deeds office and the County libers into the new millennium.

Under Peggy's dedicated leadership, she and her staff have made giant strides in updating records, making records available to the public and assisting professionals who are dependent on prompt and accurate information.

Peggy's accomplishments are numerous, her work ethic is unquestionable and she is an asset to Grand Traverse County. Peggy Haines deserves your vote Aug. 7.

Kit Brow-Wilson

Traverse City

Editor's note: This letter is being republished because of an earlier error.

Focused on citizens

While so many people are facing severe economic challenges, it's disturbing how much money is poured into politics, increasingly from anonymous sources and without transparency. How refreshing that Betsy Coffia has publicly pledged not to accept PAC money or out-of-state donations to her campaign. Her totally grassroots campaign is focused on citizens' concerns. Betsy believes that government exists to serve the people, and her loyalty is not for sale. Check out her web site at On Aug. 7, choose Betsy for State Representative for Grand Traverse County and let our voices be heard in Lansing.

Carla Bloom

Traverse City

Ensure fair decisions

It has been my pleasure to have known Adam Lett for years on both a personal and professional level. He is insightful, sensible and decisive, characteristics that will allow him to serve our community well. Adam is clear and direct in his approach, whether it be working to save Bertha Vos, volunteering for non-profit events or a client. Adam has 16 years of experience in the Michigan Probate Court system; he is hard working and will put in the time to ensure fair and well reasoned decisions. Please join me in voting for Adam Lett for probate court judge.

Theresa Galante

Traverse City

Qualified candidate

There have been many changes in Michigan elections; now more than ever, experience, integrity, accountability and knowledge are required. Monica Hoffman demonstrates these qualities. Monica has served Peninsula Township as clerk since 2000. She ensures accurate elections from assisting in training election inspectors, accuracy of election equipment and implementing the electronic poll book, a stronger defense against voter fraud. Monica attained the distinguished Certified Municipal Clerk accreditation, one of only four in the county.

Please vote Aug. 7 to re-elect Monica Hoffman, the most qualified candidate to serve Peninsula Township as clerk.

Susanne M. Courtade

Traverse City

The writer is a Certified Municipal Clerk, is East Bay Charter Township Clerk, president of the Clerk Association of Grand Traverse County and serves on the Michigan Association of Municipal Clerks Board of Directors

Has principled beliefs

While politicians come in many different forms, Dr. Dan Benishek is cut from a different cloth entirely. As a student about to graduate from college and go into the workforce, I can't tell you how refreshing that is. Dr. Benishek came straight out of the private sector as an accomplished doctor for over 30 years right here in Northern Michigan. Not only does he have the wherewithal to take Michigan in the direction it sorely needs to go, but he has the principled beliefs to back it up. Dr. Dan deserves our loyalty and support to take the House again.

Tim Foster


Insight and compassion

Having practiced law in the probate court for 34 years, I believe that Melanie Stanton is the most qualified candidate to be the next probate judge for Grand Traverse County. She has effectively represented children, juveniles, elderly, trusts, mentally ill, guardians and parents involving custody for 16 years. As a former nurse she has the insight and compassion to be a strong, fair, just judge who will make the right decisions, not swayed by power or influence.

As a minister and advocate for traditional family values, I urge you to vote for Melanie Stanton on Aug. 7.

William M. Conklin

Traverse City

Saddened by ruling

I am deeply saddened to hear about the Supreme Courts' ruling regarding the Affordable Care Act. The health care reform that the Obama administration has touted will not improve the state of health care in our country.

We need health care reform that controls costs and improves our quality of care, not another bloated, inefficient government program that increases costs and takes away choices from doctors and patients.

I would rather put this task in the hands of a doctor like our congressman, Dr. Dan Benishek, rather than a bunch of Washington, D.C. bureaucrats.

Kerry Kaysserian

Traverse City

The writer is a dentist

An asset to the county

Peggy Haines has greatly improved the records during her term as Register of Deeds by filming additional documents into the system and improving online access to the records. Peggy worked to acquire the old Tract Index system which keeps the libers and pages of deeds and other documents in order by legal description, saving hours of work in the old Grantor/Grantee books. Peggy Haines is an asset to Grand Traverse County. She has a full understanding of real estate title as well as oil and gas title.

Rebecca Abbott


Helpful to the public

I support Bonnie Scheele for county clerk. I have known Bonnie from my many years with the county. I have found her to be honest, knowledgeable, energetic and very helpful to the public. Please vote for Bonnie Scheele for county clerk.

Roger Williams

Traverse City