Traverse City Record-Eagle

July 21, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 07/21/2012


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Pols don't want to talk

It used to be we talked about the weather, but did nothing about it.

Today we have done something about the weather, but nobody wants to talk about it, especially our politicians.

Randy Bond


Donate to a real cause

I appreciate the Record-Eagle for printing Julie Chai's letter of June 29, "Fireworks not patriotic." I would have liked to have seen it in bold print on your front page — adding to it the dangers of exposure to fires during this dry season.

There are so many professionally done fireworks free for public viewing. Donate your well-earned money instead to any veterans' and/or charitable organization, a real cause for celebration of this wonderful holiday.

Rita R. Schuster


Can't confiscate wealth

In response to Mr. Reinert's July 17 letter, like "King" Obama, he just doesn't get it. You have to have people generating new goods and services that generate new income in order to add new public sector jobs and infrastructure. You can't confiscate existing, finite wealth to generate new and additional public sector services, at least not for very long.

A new job, industry, product, etc., snowballs, often exponentially into other revenue-producing jobs.

Let's say Obama had approved Keystone Pipeline, which would have generated thousands of new jobs. Joe Schmoe from Michigan gets one of these new jobs, but needs a new, dependable pickup truck; jobs. He needs a place to live and there is no housing available, so he buys a camping trailer to live in; jobs. All these new jobs generate new tax revenue to pay for additional teachers, police, etc.

The energy industry alone offers the opportunity for tens of thousands of new jobs. Unfortunately, Obama costs us jobs in this sector.

If Obama would get out of the way and quit placing new obstacles in industries' path we could become energy independent, and we would then gain a great advantage over the Chinese who are arguably the 'hottest' economy in the world.

J.E. Benner