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July 15, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 07/15/2013

Personal reflection

(The phrase) “Giving more than receiving” made me reflect. Sports analogies compared to living virtuous life never came even close to the reality of living to one's full potential. Countless unrecognized people right in front of us give more then they receive.

Battling the plague of easy divorce and remarriage, remaining true to the marriage vows said “for better or worse till death,” loving and forgiving those who hurt you while the world says otherwise is “giving more than receiving.”

My kids are adopted and I am still amazed that their birth mothers gave the gift of life to them and the choice of adoption rather than aborting my sons; this is “giving more than receiving.”

The things that we can give more than we receive of value in this life and throughout eternity are the gifts of the heart. It is recognizable by the way we love and live our lives to the reality of His truth. These gifts we receive and give to others are not tangible material; will never be reported by media or written on a tombstone. This “giving more than received” is never depleted from the source of our giver.

Steve Rozanski

Traverse City


Get the money out

I don't understand some politicians who are pale, male, and stale claiming to be pro-life Christians, yet they pass legislation to cut health care, cut food stamps, cut nutrition programs, sabotage public schools, cut access to college by doubling the interest on student loans.

They fail to pass Medicaid expansion so poor and disabled people can see a doctor. Heaven forbid if workers whose wages have been stagnant for 30 years want collective bargaining to improve working conditions and increase the minimum wage. They cut regulations that keep our air, water, and food safe.

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