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February 6, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 02/06/2014

Continue looking

Pastor LeCoutre in his forum piece ponders whether Phil Robertson might be a prophet. Certainly Mr. Robertson, with hair and a beard down to his waist, looks the part so he’s at least halfway home. His recent anti-homosexual rant may have been even more important in the pastor’s estimation for moving him along the prophet path. Indeed, the pastor cites Mathew 5:17 where Jesus says he has come to fulfill the prophets as evidence that the New Testament supports sundry Levitical prohibitions. It doesn’t. Christ is here simply pointing out that the prophets had forecast his coming; consequently, I don’t believe your breakfast bacon will put you in jeopardy.

Mr. Williams has also declared that men should marry 15-year-old girls, that if they are much older than that they will “pick more than your ducks.” Oh, my, I’m afraid that Pastor LeCoutre will have to continue looking for his prophet!

Henry E. Klugh

Traverse City


How would Bush rate?

Mr. McCombs was correct in saying the ultimate responsibility for the terrorist attack in Benghazi rests on President Obama’s shoulders.

He gives the President an “F” for his record in this.

During George W. Bush’s term as President there were 11 attacks on U.S. embassies with 60 deaths.* How would Mr. McCombs have rated George W. Bush’s performance?

Alan Newton

Traverse City

* From a report on National Public Radio

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