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March 5, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 03/05/2012

Getting away with it

When is the special treatment going to stop? In the past we have seen police get away with drunk driving, assault, and lying to police, and nothing has happened to them. Now we have a judge's wife getting away with crimes. When are the laws going to apply to these people? The average person who is arrested for these same crimes can count on daily Breathalyzers and more. And if in violation, they can count on going to jail, and for more than one or two days.

So it seems to me that if you are a member of law enforcement or a family member you can count on getting away with a crime.

Brian Starback


Stop spending insanity

The Feb. 17 Forum by Dr. Peter Carmel really frustrated me. Cutting Medicare and Tricare patient reimbursement to doctors was part and parcel to passing Obamacare and it was supported by Dr. Carmel's organization, the American Medical Association.

It's equally frustrating to have people like Dr. Carmel suggest that giving the money that won't be spent fighting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to the doctors won't add to the nation's deficit. The money to fight the wars has all been borrowed — so only if we don't spend it somewhere else can it not add to the deficit.

Stop the spending insanity America — we need to get off.

Robert Ferguson

Traverse City

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